6 Reasons to Upgrade Your Home with LED Lighting


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One common subject we always discuss with our clients during their home remodeling project is replacing the lighting… and by replacing, we mean upgrading! Light Emitting Diodes, or LEDs, are a popular choice among homeowners when compared to conventional lighting options.


Along with the perks of being energy efficient and eco-friendly, LED lighting makes a huge difference in the look and feel of a room! Clients are always surprised at how much brighter their space looks once LED lighting is installed. It really is the best choice if you want to showcase a remodeled area, like a kitchen or bathroom. Because there are different options available – can lights, tubes, and strip lights – LEDs are a great option for both primary and accent lighting. These different options can also be used together to create a no shadow environment. Read more

Kitchen Lighting Solutions: Our June 2016 Newsletter

 Lighting Solutions for an Upgraded Look


Updating the lighting in your kitchen is a small change that can make a huge impact! Whether you are planning a full remodel, a partial remodel, or just want to improve your existing kitchen, investing in new lighting can truly transform the space. Here are a few lighting options worth considering:


Can Lights

For nearly all of our kitchen remodels, we include a can light package which consists of strategically placed can lights that work in conjunction with under cabinet lighting to produce a “shadow-less environment.” Because of the placement of the lights, no shadows are created, which is safer and ideal for
cooking and meal prep in the kitchen. Read more