We love our community and take pride in keeping the environment clean and safe. The Tarrant Regional Water District (TRWD) does a great job of managing and maintaining four of our major reservoirs and also constructed more than 150 miles of water pipelines, 27 miles of floodway levees, over 40 miles of Trinity River Trails, plus a 2,000 acre wetland water reuse project designed to increase future water supplies for the area!
The TRWD also provides opportunities for the community to get involved in these efforts, such as the bi-annual Trinity River “Trash Bash” which encourages the clean-up and preservation of the Trinity River.




You can now help keep our rivers clean all year long, thanks to the Trinity Adopt-A-River Program!
The Trinity River Adopt-A-River program is designed not only to help keep the river clean and healthy, but to educate the public on the dangers of nonpoint source pollution. Individuals, neighborhoods and organizations are encouraged to participate in the program by volunteering to adopt a section of the Trinity, thus becoming responsible for periodic river cleanups.
See the flier below and visit the TRWD website for more information about the program.


We hope you’ll sign-up today to help support a clean, healthy environment for our community!


Warm Regards,
The Medford Remodeling Team

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