3 Important Questions to ask Your Fireplace Contractor

Fireplace Installation


A fireplace installation is a big job that is more intricate than most people realize. Needless to say, it can be both a safety hazard and a headache if it’s not done correctly! Here are 3 questions to ask your contractor before starting the project:


1. Are you licensed with the city and insured?

Licensing indicates a company possesses the required knowledge and experience to perform the job efficiently and to city code. The insurance covers any potential accidents. While you might expect these to be requirements of all professional companies, not everyone plays by the rules, so be sure to double check before you hire!


2. Do you hire a licensed plumber to run gas lines?

If it’s a gas fireplace you are having installed, you’ll need to have a gas line extended to your fireplace. Most fireplace contractors don’t have the certification to run gas lines, but may go ahead and do the work to save money. Scary, isn’t it? This is why it’s important to ask for the subcontractors licensing and insurance certification before they do work in your home.


3. Do you service fireplaces, or just install them?

If you’re planning on properly maintaining your newly installed fireplace for years to come, find someone who both installs and services fireplaces and chimneys. Regular fireplace maintenance can cost $100 to $150 a year, but some companies may offer discounts to repeat customers. This can be beneficial to both your wallet and the longevity of your fireplace!


With the winter months upon us and the cold weather at our doorsteps, a fireplace is a great amenity to have in your home. Make sure you know the facts and have answers to these important questions before you get started on an installation!


As always, contact us if you have any questions or would like an estimate on having a fireplace installed. We’ve installed dozens of fireplaces, and would be happy to help! Click here to view photos of fireplaces in our Houzz ideabook for inspiration.

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