Three Things That Will Help You Buy the Correct Light Bulb

I remember when buying a light bulb was easy. Just getting the correct wattage to obtain the brightness I wanted was the only decision I had to make. But these days, buying a light bulb is sure to deliver a case of tired head as you wade through the many choices of bulbs available and […]

Finally, After 20 Years of Dreaming, A New Kitchen

Check out this beautiful kitchen we recently finished. The clients have lived in the house 40+ years and started dreaming of a new kitchen 20 years ago. They had a manila file folder with magazine pictures and ideas that dated back to the earlly 90’s. Using our design software, we were able to show renderings […]

Ceiling Fans – Five Things You Should Know to Save You Money, Keep You Comfortable, and Safe!

Electric ceiling fans have been around for over 150 years. They are so common—we all are probably guilty of taking them for granted. When used properly, they can save us a lot of money and help keep us comfortable. When used improperly, they can cost us money by using unnecessary energy and can be dangerous […]

Daylight Savings Time Is this Weekend! Love Your Home with this 15-Point DST Checklist

Spring ahead the clocks is this coming Sunday, March 9th at 2am, which instantly becomes 3am and we lose an hour of sleep. But we gain an extra hour of daylight in the evening for the next eight months. This is always my wakeup call that spring is upon us, and it is time to […]