Finally, After 20 Years of Dreaming, A New Kitchen

kitchen remodel
Check out this beautiful kitchen we recently finished. The clients have lived in the house 40+ years and started dreaming of a new kitchen 20 years ago. They had a manila file folder with magazine pictures and ideas that dated back to the earlly 90’s. kitchen remodel

Using our design software, we were able to show renderings of how the area would look and feel after the walls were removed and the new kitchen was installed. kitchen remodel

These are the before-and-after views from the front door. The goal was to open up the space. Besides doing away with walls, one of the tricks to opening up space is to remove the ceiling fan light kits and install ceiling hugger fans. It is unbelievable how much bigger it makes the room feel. kitchen remodel

These are the before-and-after views from the back door. To make the space feel larger, we removed the upper cabinets over the bar, the fir downs over the wall cabinets, the short wall at the end of the cabinets, and the ceiling-mounted fans and lights. We extended the cabinets down to the pantry and built a cabinet pantry to utilize the space more efficiently.
appliance garageEveryone wants an appliance garage, and this is a great one!

kitchen remodel

These are the before-and-after views from the door that leads into the garage. We widened the space between the cabinets by 4”, and installed a cabinet-depth refrigerator. This made all the difference in the world in the work space. Notice the broom closet at the end of the refrigerator.
kitchen remodel
One of the new things we’ve been doing in our kitchen designs is installing the microwave below the counter top. It keeps it out of the way, and in my opinion is safer to use than an eye level one.

Along with 20 years of the home owners’ planning, it takes an amazing team of talented people to accomplish a project like this in less than six weeks:

  • Stephanie Milford – Design
  • Cody Medford – Computer Aided Drafting
  • Medford Remodeling Team Led by Michael, Dave and Neil
  • Warren Cobb Plumbing
  • Chris Feller Electric
  • Tess Drywall
  • Razor Painting
  • Bailey Cabinets
  • HRG Flooring

Plus a few more I’m sure I’ve forgotten to mention, and our associates at the many vendors who support us.

Successful jobs like this are what make being a remodeling contractor worth it.


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