Vegetable Gardening Season is Here! Follow These Three Easy Steps to Start Your Garden!

I spent this past weekend prepping the vegetable garden beds and planting potatoes, onions and garlic. It seems early, especially when the temperatures are still dropping below freezing at night, but here in north Texas, this is the best time to plant the plants that don’t do well in the hot days that will be here before we know it. We typically see our last freeze late in February, which is about the time the plants will start sprouting from the ground. Planting now gives the root system a head start and allows the new sprouts to take full advantage of the warming spring days. Next weekend I’ll plant radishes, carrots, beets, lettuce and cabbage. Read more

Seven Steps to Creating a Luxury Shower

If the master bathroom is the new den, then the shower is the new recliner. I am finding more and more of our clients want a shower they can retreat to, and relax in steamy luxury. When designing a luxury shower there are no hard and fast rules. It’s all about you, and what type of oasis you want to create.

Size – In most bathrooms, the size is dictated by the available space. Sometimes the space can be expanded by taking in closet space, a bathtub, or adding a room. A luxury size shower is typically over 20 square feet in size, but 12 square feet (3’ x 4’) is really all the space you need to create a wonderfully personal space. Read more

Dealing with Cedar Fever and Three Reasons Not to Give Old Appliances Away

I missed blogging last week because I was stricken with cedar fever. Cedar fever is caused when the juniper trees in south Texas are pollinating in January and February, and strong south winds blow the pollen into central Texas. This is the only allergy I suffer from, but dummy me went for a motorcycle ride the Sunday before last, when there was a strong 20-mph wind from the south, full of pollen, and by Sunday night I was shut down with a low-grade fever, chills, sweats and a seriously clogged head. Read more

Happy New Year! Please Share in One of My New Year’s Resolutions

I hope you and your families had a great holiday season. During Christmas week, I took a road trip with Elizabeth to Indiana. We visited her family in Lafayette, and some of my family in Indianapolis. It’s been over 20 years since I’ve road tripped to Indiana and really enjoyed this one. With the foliage off the trees, and the farm fields plowed, the vastness of the farm lands could be taken in. The generations of farm houses, barns, silos and equipment were often picturesque. Thinking about the process of something growing in one of those fields and ending up on our dinner plates is mind boggling. Read more