Seven Steps to Creating a Luxury Shower

If the master bathroom is the new den, then the shower is the new recliner. I am finding more and more of our clients want a shower they can retreat to, and relax in steamy luxury. When designing a luxury shower there are no hard and fast rules. It’s all about you, and what type of oasis you want to create.

Size – In most bathrooms, the size is dictated by the available space. Sometimes the space can be expanded by taking in closet space, a bathtub, or adding a room. A luxury size shower is typically over 20 square feet in size, but 12 square feet (3’ x 4’) is really all the space you need to create a wonderfully personal space.

shower glass door

Walls – Depending on personal preference for privacy and consideration for the overall design look, the walls of a shower can be solid, or glass, or a combination of both. One of the advantages of glass is that since it is thinner than a solid wall, the shower can be made a few inches larger, which can make a big difference in smaller showers.

shower bench

Benches – A bench near the shower head is a great place to sit and relax under the hot steamy water. A bench can be solid and built in, or a teak bench for a different style and flexibility of use.

shower bench

Niches – Niches built into the wall are handy for soaps, razors and other shower accessories. Niches can be artfully crafted and shaped into many different sizes and configurations.

shower bench

Water Delivery – Besides the standard shower head, hand-held shower wands, body sprays and rain heads are all features that help make a shower feel luxurious.

shower bench

Lighting – Making sure enough light is available for safety and is adjustable for ambiance definitely gives the feeling of luxury. For the ultimate experience, adjustable LED colored lighting is also available.

shower bench

Design – Working with an experienced shower designer will help you ensure that you get the most out of your space. If you are interested in having a luxury shower personally designed for you, contact us to set a fee on-site consultation.

Happy showering!

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