Big Texas Toy Run and Happy Holidays!

This past Sunday I joined Santa Claus and hundreds of other bikers riding in the Big Texas Toy Run. The Big Texas Toy Run is a combined effort of the biker community to raise money and toys for Fort Worth/Dallas Metroplex children with mental and physical disabilities.

We staged for the ride at Gateway Park in Fort Worth. It was cold; the temperature was in the low 40’s, and dropping!

Our Marketing Coordinator, Elizabeth, went along for the ride. I appreciate her support in our company’s community efforts. Read more

Four Reasons “Not To Not” Use a Bathroom for an Extended Period of Time and Some Tips if You Have to

I received a phone call from one of our very dear 90-year-old clients. He asked me to come over and look at his wife’s bathroom because there was a problem. When I got there, he explained that he had heard an odd noise come from the bathroom, and he said “when I opened the bathroom door, I noticed the floor had shifted.” He explained that his wife had died 10+ years ago, and the bathroom had not been used at all since the last time she used it.

After a little investigation, I figured out that the toilet water supply stop valve at the wall developed a very small leak that dripped in such a way that allowed the subfloor to absorb the moisture. After a few years, the subfloor and supporting floor joist became damp. Staying damp, they started rotting from mold and being devoured by wood-destroying insects, and possibly rodents. One day the fateful last bite was taken from a structural member, which caused the floor to collapse under its own weight. “Collapsed” seemed more apropos to me than “shifted.” Read more

Watch a Complete Kitchen Renovation in 3 ½ Minutes!

I have always wanted to do a time lapse video for one of our remodeling projects. But the time, equipment and cost have always been hurdles. So I was jazzed when I ran across this time lapse video on YouTube!

This video fairly represents how most major kitchen renovations go. It is much more of a technical demolition and installation than I think most people realize. The work looks fairly easy, but it looks that way because the installers are professionals at their respective trades. Also, the front end work from the designers and fabricators of the different components has to be superb to get these kind of results. Read more