Fort Worth Trinity River Trash Bash and Why We Should Pick up Trash from the Street Gutters

This past weekend I participated in the 22nd annual Trinity River Trash Bash. For the Trash Bash, the city is divided into seven different sections. Groups, families and individuals can choose any one location to volunteer to pick up trash along the banks. Several hundred people sign up for each location and make quick work […]

Cave Shower

We often get requests to convert a standard 5’ bathtub into a shower without a door, which can be done in many ways. One of my favorites is what I call the “cave shower.” The photograph shows one such “cave shower” we did for a client. The wall is 30” wide, leaving a 30” opening. […]

Understanding Contractual Remodeling Terms

When you are planning a large remodeling project, you should be offered a well-written proposal from a Professional Remodeling Contractor. The idea is that the proposal answers all the questions and leaves no assumptions. It is important that you understand the terms your Professional Remodeling Contractor is using. Understanding this terminology will help you feel […]

Recirculating Range Hoods (AKA Ductless Range Hoods) vs Vented Range Hoods

There really isn’t any argument here; recirculating range hoods just don’t make any sense. The vent pulls the air from above your stove over some charcoal filled metal mesh filters, which remove only a fraction of the contaminants from the air, then blows the still-dirty air right back into your kitchen. The prolonged food smells […]