Ten Questions to Ask Your Contractor and the Answers You Want to Hear

One of our potential clients recently gave me a list of questions he had gotten and expanded from an article from Houzz.com. These are all good questions, but I’ve modified them a bit to fit what I’ve been asked at one time or another over the years. The point I want to make is that […]

Attic Ventilation and Insulation Tips to Save You Money!

No better time of year to discuss proper attic ventilation than August. I’ve crawled around a few attics this month, and as always, I am amazed at the huge difference in temperature of properly vented attics compared to improperly vented ones. An improperly vented attic can be as much as 50 degrees warmer than an […]

Awesome Kitchen!

Check out this awesome kitchen we recently finished. This one has it all, and then some! As you will see in the before pictures and before floor plan, this was a typical ranch home galley kitchen. From a design perspective, this one had a lot of potential because it had good bones and was big […]