3 Steps to Get Rid of Ceiling Condensation


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We recently had a client contact us for help getting rid of ceiling condensation. This is a common problem homeowners face and should be addressed promptly; excess moisture can eventually cause mold and mildew to form — quickly escalating a small problem into a much larger and potentially dangerous ordeal. Not only will you have to pay for a mold remediation company to handle the hazardous growth, but you’ll likely need to hire a contractor to repair the affected areas afterwards. What a headache! It is helpful for homeowners to understand what causes the condensation and how to get rid of it before it becomes a bigger issue. Read more

Attic Ventilation and Insulation Tips to Save You Money!

No better time of year to discuss proper attic ventilation than August. I’ve crawled around a few attics this month, and as always, I am amazed at the huge difference in temperature of properly vented attics compared to improperly vented ones. An improperly vented attic can be as much as 50 degrees warmer than an unvented attic. If it is 100° outside, and your attic isn’t vented, it could be 150° up there. This heat load on your home air conditioning is much more than anything you could be losing through non-insulated walls and single-pane windows. Read more