Apples Vs. Oranges: Why Competitive Bidding Is Not the Best Way to Hire a Home Remodeling Contractor

When it comes to major remodeling projects, searching for the best price is often a path to big problems. If you don’t have a complete set of plans for each of the contractors to look at in order to get an apples-to-apples bid, each contractor will give his bid in his style. The […]

Financing Your Home Improvement Project

I talk with so many people who are kept from pursuing their remodeling dreams because of the costs involved. Many remodeling projects that seem simple on the surface can quickly turn into an endeavor costing tens of thousands of dollars to do them properly. Not being able to write a check up front to pay […]

Learning about Local Food CO-OPs

I recently visited with a potential client who turned out to be one of the operators of a local food buying club (sometimes called a food co-op), calld Funky Farmz. After looking into it, I was surprised at how many of these Co-Ops there are and how their popularity is growing. The clubs buy produce […]

Creating a Master Remodeling Plan for Your Home

When clients ask me to talk with them about remodeling their whole home, I often recommend that we do a master remodeling plan for them. A master remodeling plan is a plan that encompasses the entire house, inside and out, down to each surface. Every dream, wish and desire is considered. Once the master remodeling […]