Creating a Master Remodeling Plan for Your Home

Master Bedroom Plan
When clients ask me to talk with them about remodeling their whole home, I often recommend that we do a master remodeling plan for them. A master remodeling plan is a plan that encompasses the entire house, inside and out, down to each surface. Every dream, wish and desire is considered.

Once the master remodeling plan is complete, the scope of work for the various projects is identified so it can be broken down into manageable phases to keep the project on track and to budget spending, regardless of whether the remodel takes a few months or many years. This allows you to prioritize your options and will help you make better decisions regarding the timing of the different remodeling phases.

I recently visited a homeowner who wanted a larger kitchen. The biggest problem was that they had just built a beautiful porch and outdoor living area right where the kitchen needed to bump out. This left them with having to decide to either tear out the new porch area, or live with a smaller kitchen. These are the types of problems a master plan helps avoid
With a master plan in place, you can see the big picture and ensure the total scenario is being considered, not just immediate needs. Considerations in master planning include current needs; lifestyle changes as your family matures; and as you age, how you will use your home differently.

Some master plans require different levels of collaboration with designers to think through the structural, ergonomic and aesthetic elements of the design. Other master plans are more straightforward, and can be done by just prioritizing the list of projects on your wish list and worrying about the design details when the time comes.

Knowing where you are going is always important, and a master plan provides the framework for prioritizing your options, seeing the big picture, and ultimately investing your money wisely on the right projects for you. This will save you a lot of time, money and frustration as the project progresses.

If you are considering a master remodeling plan for your home, please contact us for a free consultation.

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