4 Reasons Why You Need a Professional Interior Designer for Your Major Remodel

Interior Designer Stephanie Milford


Along with improving the functionality of their home, the main reason homeowners choose to remodel is to refresh the appearance of a dated space. This is particularly true if the house is over 15 years old and has never been updated. Choosing paint colors, finishes, tile, countertops, and light fixtures might seem like a breeze, it’s often a bigger challenge than most homeowners realize! Even if it’s a relatively small project, hiring an interior designer will make the entire process easier and yield the best possible results. A professional designer can provide the newest ideas that will work for your home—things you may not know are available or products you may not know where to locate. They will think of details you’ll miss, and those details play a big role in the success of your project.


Here are 4 reasons you need a professional Interior Designer for your major home remodel:



1. An Interior Designer Meets Specific Needs for a Major Remodel

It’s important to fully understand the role of an interior designer before hiring one. Both interior designers and interior decorators work to improve the style and visual appeal of a space. They are different in that decorators only address surface projects (furniture, décor, fabrics, paint, etc.), and interior designers are more capable of handling layout and functionality issues. For a major remodel, it’s wise to hire an Interior Designer that can assist with critical decisions that will affect the outcome of your completed project.



2. An Organized Approach

As a part of our one-stop-shop remodeling process, design assistance with our Interior Designer, Stephanie Milford, is included. Stephanie has been in the Interior Design industry for over 30 years and has worked with Medford for over half of that. All of her knowledge, experience, and skill has resulted in a professional, organized process that simplifies the design selection portion of your remodel.

It can easily feel overwhelming when you consider all of the products, materials, quantities, sizes, and specifications that come into play in a big renovation. Stephanie is an extremely helpful in making this part fun and stress-free. She can provide a list of our local vendors and suppliers and offer to meet you to shop for your products, or she is happy to pick up 5-6 sample sets and present them to you at your home. This way, you can decide how involved you want to be with the shopping and selection process. Rest assured, Stephanie is great at selecting cohesive pieces that compliment your home and also match with your unique style.



3. Full Design Selection Management

Not only will Stephanie play a key role in helping you select all the right products and ensure nothing gets overlooked, but she will also take care of ordering all of your products and materials for you. There is no need to stress about running all over town to place orders or pick up items; Stephanie works with our General Manager to order, log, and track all of your design selection items once they are decided upon. Everything is delivered to our office, inspected upon arrival, recorded in our system, and labeled for storage until it is time for installation at your home. This completely relieves you of any worry or concern in receiving or storing your products.




Interior Designer Stephanie Milford



4. Experience with General Contractors

Another benefit of working with a professional Interior Designer is that they usually have experience working with contractors. This can be a big plus for a homeowner, especially if they have never been through a remodel before.

This is also why it may be in your best interest to work with a design-build firm if you’re looking to complete a ‘full-gut’ remodel. Most design-build firms already have an in-house interior designer, which adds great value to their services. The firm and the interior designer can create custom drawings and 3D renderings to help you visualize what your remodeled space will look like, and then work together to ensure everything is executed as planned.


If you’re looking to renovate your home, it’s a good idea to consider hiring a professional interior designer or a notable design-build firm! Medford Design-Build has a qualified team of professionals as well as a polished interior designer to help you with every step of your project! Contact us for more information!


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