When Remodeling Desire Clashes with Budget, Draw up A Master Remodeling Plan

Master Remodeling Plan
Most of us don’t have the budget to do all the remodeling projects on our homes we dream of at one time. So we pick and choose our remodeling projects as need, money and time allow. This can become a frustrating and arduous process, filled with pitfalls such as doing things out of sequence and causing unnecessary hurdles and costs, and ending up with a lack of cohesiveness throughout our home.

The key to having a successful long term whole-house remodeling project is a master remodeling plan that addresses your home as a whole, keeping the big picture in mind. By keeping your entire home in mind as you do individual projects, you can ensure the projects make sense in the process and the overall goal you are trying to achieve, whether the projects are completed together, or with years in between.

A master plan can be as simple as a written scope of work for each room, like paint, flooring or trim. It can also be as complicated as a full blown set of plans showing walls being moved and spaces being transformed. Regardless of the complexity, the idea is to keep in mind the big picture of what you want your house to look like when it is all done. This ensures that all the projects work together to obtain a sense of cohesiveness.

A master remodeling plan will help you prioritize which projects to do first. If you are uncertain where to start, I always suggest starting the projects that give the biggest change in function or space.

The master remodeling plan can help you segregate projects, and estimate them individually so that you can plan a budget. If budgets are an ongoing challenge, executing the plan could take many years. Having a master remodeling plan helps you keep the big picture in mind so that it all works well together in the end.

Hiring a professional designer and contractor to help you create your master remodeling plan is a good way to make sure you are considering all the possibilities and costs. Sure, you may change the plan as you go along, but with professional help, the plan will always make sense.

Another thing a master plan helps with is deciding on whether to invest so much time, money and energy into your home. Sometimes it makes sense to move, but even a new home will need to be remodeled sooner or later.

Please contact us if you would like help creating a master remodeling plan for your home!


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