What are ‘Budget Items’ in Regard to My Home Remodel?

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Aside from wanting to see detailed floor plans and 3D renderings, there is one primary reason homeowners choose to purchase our custom design package for their major remodel: to receive an all-inclusive price quote for their unique project. The Scope of Work document we provide as a part of your design package allows you to see exactly what is included – everything from foundation work to framing, to plumbing, electrical, and so on — and the total cost of everything as installed by the Medford Team. Your total project cost includes installation, materials, and labor, plus the total cost of your Budget Items. This bottom-line number is your total project cost. Since your Budget Items are the portion you as the homeowner get to control, we’d like to discuss them a bit further:



Think of Budget Items as Your Shopping List


Budget Items can be defined as the items that you get to pick out that contribute to your total cost. Your countertop material, your backsplash tile, your flooring that costs so much per square foot; each of these items vary in price depending on what you choose. If your budget allows for it, you may be able to splurge on things like a high-end light fixture or a luxury bathtub. However, if the bottom-line total for your project is too high or over your desired budget, you may need to cut back on your selections by choosing more affordable options, or maybe even opt not to replace specific items, such as keeping the existing toilet instead of getting a new one.  We list these items on the last page of your Scope of Work document, allowing you to see what items need to be purchased as a part of your project.







We Don’t Profit on Your Budget Items



As your General Contractor, our team will help you choose the best products for your remodel, and we’ll also manage the ordering from our vendors, delivery to our office, and storage of your items until it’s time for installation. We always like to note that we do not mark up your Budget Items or profit on them – in fact, the initial cost provided for these items listed in your design package is an allowance so you can get an idea of the average cost for that specific item in reference to your type of project. Once you choose to move forward with Medford as your contractor to complete the construction, we’ll set up your meeting with our Interior Designer to finalize your selections and the total cost of each.




We Provide a List of Trusted Vendors


A very important aspect of your completed remodel is the quality of products you choose to have installed. With over 40 years in the remodeling industry, we have curated a trusted list of local vendors and suppliers that can provide quality products. We’ll share this list with you during your on-site consultation, and, as mentioned, proceed to work with these vendors to order your items for you once we move into the contracted phase of your project. This is a part of our full project management service!



If you’re confused about Budget Items or have specific questions about the process, please feel free to give our office a call. Our designers would be glad to explain it in more detail and chat about your specific project with you. We’d also be happy to send a sample design package to your email if you’d like to see an example of Budget Items used in a kitchen or bathroom remodel. Fill out a contact form on our website and we’ll send it on over!


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