What are ‘Budget Items’ in Regard to My Home Remodel?

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Aside from wanting to see detailed floor plans and 3D renderings, there is one primary reason homeowners choose to purchase our custom design package for their major remodel: to receive an all-inclusive price quote for their unique project. The Scope of Work document we provide as a part of your design package allows you to see exactly what is included – everything from foundation work to framing, to plumbing, electrical, and so on — and the total cost of everything as installed by the Medford Team. Your total project cost includes installation, materials, and labor, plus the total cost of your Budget Items. This bottom-line number is your total project cost. Since your Budget Items are the portion you as the homeowner get to control, we’d like to discuss them a bit further: Read more

The Top Five Bathroom Remodel Project Questions We Get, and How We Answer Them

Because bathroom remodels are expensive, complicated and time consuming, we spend a great deal of time educating homeowners on the bathroom remodeling process. This enables potential clients to be sure they are spending their money wisely. Here are the top five questions we get from prospective clients about their upcoming bathroom remodeling projects, and the standard answers we give.

How much does it cost to remodel a bathroom? For a full remodel with new everything, a 40- square-foot bathroom that has a tub, toilet and vanity sink will cost somewhere between $10,000.00 and $15,000.00. A 120-square-foot master bathroom with two sinks, a tub, a shower and a toilet will cost somewhere between $25,000.00 and $40,000.00. Read more