Microwave Drawers: A New Trend That Makes Sense!

microwave oven

One of the toughest pieces of a kitchen design is sometimes the microwave. Where to put it? At one point, the “solution” was to hang it above the stove top, with a recirculating vent. This solved where to put the microwave, but has proven to make a mess of venting out cooking gases. No one wants to give up counter space, so more and more, the microwave is ending up in the lower cabinet. I think this will soon become the standard in kitchen design. This design trend is causing microwave drawers to become more and more popular. The feedback and reviews on them are very positive.

I like the microwave drawer that has the lockable controls to keep little ones from trying to make a video game out of it. I also think the microwave drawer is safer because you are raising the hot liquid from it rather than bringing it down. It’s also easier to see what you are cooking, especially for the short folks. Another great feature is that it’s easier to stir what you are cooking in the microwave drawer because you don’t have to take the dish out.

The microwave drawers are also more stylish than conventional microwaves. The only downside I can see is the cost is two to three times the cost of a conventional microwave. But, over the long term, I think all of the benefits are worth the extra cost.

Here is a link to many of the more popular brands.

Let us know if we can help you get one installed in your kitchen. It is usually possible to retrofit these into existing cabinetry.


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