Major Bathroom Remodel Complete

Our major bathroom remodel is complete! Here are some pictures:



We replaced the windows with triple-pane rainwater glass. Along with a great look, the bathroom will be much more comfortable with the energy-efficient windows. We’ll be hearing more and more about triple-pane windows as the EPA continues to require better insulation value in our homes. The result will be more comfortable and quiet homes, and most importantly, lower energy bills!


What a beautiful shower! The large tile, pebble floor and mosaic mural give a great look and feel. The doorless entry is a great feature. They’re safer, easier to clean and make the available space feel bigger.


The bathtub is a six-foot soaker. The water reflects the blue color from the walls and ceiling, which is a neat effect. It features lots of deck space for candles, towels and other accessories. What a great place to relax!


The vanity cabinet was designed for looks and function. A long stretch of uninterrupted counter space tops cabinetry that contains a multitude of drawers for necessities. One of the center drawers has a plug built in so the hair dryer can stay plugged in, and be taken in and out easily without the cord or the dryer being in the way. We make it a point to put lots of drawers in all our bathroom and kitchen cabinets as they’re so much more functional than traditionally built cabinets.


Can lights were installed over each of the function areas, and they’re placed to create a shadowless environment. Once you have experienced a well-designed lighting plan, you realize that good lighting makes an incredible difference. The can lights are on a separate switch from the sconces, which makes it easy to create a relaxing ambience with the sconces alone when the functionality of the can lights is not needed.

Great design work, craftsmanship and quality products make this bathroom one that will be enjoyed for years with minimal maintenance. It’s been a fun project with great clients. Let me know if you have any questions!

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