A Stylish Cabinet Installation Transforms a Dated Kitchen

The style of your cabinets can make all the difference in the look of your kitchen as a whole. Take it from these clients who had a plain, dated section of cabinets in their kitchen. Not only did the cabinets look bland, but they also lacked the proper amount of storage and display space desired by the clients.

After meeting with the clients and discussing what they had in mind, our team worked to create an updated design by adding glass-front display cabinets in the space above the client’s existing cabinets. The clients liked the idea of keeping their original kitchen while adding the extra features they wanted. After a few short weeks of installation and staining the new cabinets to match the existing stain, our client’s kitchen looks brand new! Read more

Major Bathroom Remodel Complete

Our major bathroom remodel is complete! Here are some pictures:

We replaced the windows with triple-pane rainwater glass. Along with a great look, the bathroom will be much more comfortable with the energy-efficient windows. We’ll be hearing more and more about triple-pane windows as the EPA continues to require better insulation value in our homes. The result will be more comfortable and quiet homes, and most importantly, lower energy bills!

What a beautiful shower! The large tile, pebble floor and mosaic mural give a great look and feel. The doorless entry is a great feature. They’re safer, easier to clean and make the available space feel bigger. Read more