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Happy April from Medford Remodeling!

This time of year in Texas offers beautiful, sunny days, but the warming temperatures of the season also mean spring showers and thunderstorms are on the way! These changing weather patterns make it hard to enjoy the outdoors if your home is lacking necessary features. Patio covers are a great solution, providing a sheltered outdoor space for when it rains and a cool, covered area for when it’s sunny and hot.






Patio covers are a common request from our clients during the spring season and all the way through the summer. Many of them are initially interested in arbors or pergolas, but we usually advise them to steer clear of these types of structures and go with a full patio cover instead. The reasons are many:

When first built, arbors are beautiful, and add a great deal of visual appeal to a home’s exterior. The problem is that they instantly go into a state of decay because of the way they are built and the exposure the wood has to the elements. If vines or other vegetation are allowed to grow on an arbor, it decays even faster. The numerous joints and horizontal surfaces of the arbor will hold water, which will soak into the wood regardless of how well it is stained or painted. Within a few short years, all the little rotten spots will get out of hand and the structure will have to be taken down. Arbors and pergolas also do not offer the same level of protection that a patio cover does.




A solid  patio cover provides you and the structure more protection from the rain and sun. The solid ceiling helps with area heat retention when it is chilly and also creates a place for a fan to work safely to cool you during warmer days. This allows you to use the new space more often—and much longer—than an open arbor or uncovered area.



The bottom line is that, while a solid cover will cost more than an arbor, it is a much better value and more useful!




If you are interested in having a patio cover installed, now is a great time to take advantage of our spring special!



From now until the end of May, we are offering a free consultation and design package for a custom patio cover, including an estimate and 3D renderings  –  a $750 value!



Contact us today and mention this newsletter for more information!



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