Fairmount Community Garden and Big Snakes in the City

Fairmount Garden, Fort Worth
This week we are building a shelter for the Fairmount Community Garden. This garden was nationally recognized recently when Fairmount was named a “Neighborhood of the Year” by Neighborhoods USA. http://www.nusa.org/PDF/2012NUSA%20Broch_Ltr.pdf

The gardens’ success stems from a host of hard-working volunteers, the City of Fort Worth, and donations from companies and individuals. If you haven’t been to the Fairmount neighborhood in a while, you should visit. The charm of the neighborhood is really coming back—many of the homes have been remodeled and rebuilt under the watchful eye of the Fort Worth Historical Society—and Magnolia Avenue is filling up with some great restaurants and shops. Be sure to visit Old Home Supply for a historical home supply treasure hunt. http://www.oldhomesupplyhouse.com/


CottonmouthCheck out this nearly 4′ long cottonmouth Michael came across when at a client’s house last week. The snake had gone through the hole on a sprinkler valve cover and gotten stuck. He crossed the yard and was trying to get into the water meter box. They were smart and called animal control to pick it up.

The thing we were most amazed about is that this was in the middle of the city in a regular old neighborhood. The lesson here is never get too comfortable reaching into dark, damp places.

Here are some tips on dealing with snakes:

  • Don’t kill it! Snakes are a necessary part of our ecosystem.
  • If you find a snake, just leave it alone. It was just as startled as you were when you found it; give it a chance to go wherever it is snakes go. Chances are you will never see it again.
  • If you have a snake in your yard that seems like it is a nuisance, have it professionally removed so it can be relocated.
  • Make sure any dark, damp places around your house are cleaned up or sealed up. For instance, if you live in a home with a crawl space, close up any access space in excess of a quarter inch diameter to keep snakes from underneath the house.

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