Country Home Master Bathroom, With BLING!



Check out this master bathroom we recently designed and built. This was an addition to the home, which makes the designing more fun as you’re not being bound by an existing footprint. The house is a 40’s bungalow style and has a country home feel, so we ran with that for the basis of the design, then added some awesome features, and bling!

Custom-built cabinets with butcher block counter tops, custom-built medicine cabinets, and ceiling and wall chandeliers!

I have a case of bathtub envy. This is a six-foot Kohler Archer soaking tub that is great to stretch out in. Look how the chandelier casts the light around the tub and ceiling. Dark ceilings are a fun accent to work with, and I’m seeing more and more of them. We had the window blacked out for photography purposes, but it’s clear glass looking over the spacious and tree-filled back yard.

Country Bathroom Shower

Many will have shower envy when they see this. It is set up spaciously for two people. There are two shower head units with hand-held sprays, three body sprayers for the neck, upper back and lower back, a clear glass window that can be opened for fresh air, light, and viewing, and frameless glass so it can all be seen.

Country Bathroom Soap Niches

Soap niches are always fun because we turn them into an art project. We use different materials, get input from everyone from the client to the tile layer, and always end up with something unique.

Country Bathroom Toilet

The toilet area kind of has a Zen feeling. We always spec the Kohler Cimarron comfort height with elongated bowl. I have two of them; these babies flush! This shot also gives a good look at the detail of the wainscot.

Country Bathroom CAD

These are renderings we did during the design process so the client had a good understanding of the concept we were envisioning.

Kudos to these talented professionals who teamed up to complete this project successfully from conception to completion in five months:

  • Mike Medford, Sr., Structural and Functional Design
  • Stephanie Milford, Aesthetic Design
  • Mrs. Creative Client, Inspiring Ideas, and BLING!
  • Cody Medford, CAD Drawing and Renderings
  • Michael Medford, Jr., Project Lead, Carpenter
  • David Broadfield, Carpenter
  • Neil Norris, Carpenter
  • Chris Feller, Electrician
  • Warren Cobb, Plumber
  • Bailey Cabinets, Custom-Built Cabinets
  • Hector Garcia, Tile and Wood Flooring
  • Mike Morphis, HVAC
  • James Razor Family, Painters
  • Kindred Glass, Mirrors and Shower Glass

Mike Jr., David, and Neil get a special nod on this project. This project required master carpentry to craft the different and varied elements. There are very, very few people with their master-level skill sets, and we are fortunate to have them on our team.


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