7 Steps to Defining Your Home Remodeling Project


Remodeling any part of your home is an exciting process, but it also can be a bit overwhelming if you have tons of ideas and aren’t sure which direction to go. Our best advice is to collect your ideas in an organized manner to narrow down your options and provide some clarity. Here are seven great suggestions to help you get started; choose whichever one suits you best!


1. Print
There are tons of books and magazines on inspiring interior design ideas. Though this may seem a bit “old school” with all of the technology we have today, tearing out pages of a magazine, sketching your ideas out on paper, or saving newspaper ads are still great ways to collect your ideas and establish your desired style.


2. Pinterest
Pinterest provides an unmatchable spectrum of photos and ideas for homeowners looking to remodel. It is a great way for you to spark new ideas and begin to organize your thoughts in regards to the kitchen, bath, bedroom, and more. You can create a separate “board” for each room or project, making it extremely easy to organize your ideas! Check out our Pinterest page to see some great examples!


3. Photos
Using your own photos is another creative way to stir up some inspiration. Having a smartphone with a camera makes this even easier! As you travel across town or around the world, take photos of design ideas that you see and organize them in a file folder, photo album, or share them on your favorite social media site to get feedback from your friends and family.

4. Houzz.com
Houzz.com is a new website that is similar to Pinterest, but is primarily for homeowners looking for local businesses or contractors in the remodeling, interior design or home maintenance professions. The site allows businesses to create an informative profile and upload photos of their work. Homeowners can also create profiles, and then browse the site for inspiring photos which they can save to ‘idea books.’ It’s a really neat tool for the design build industry, and is a lot of fun for homeowners to interact with others that share the same interests. Check out our Houzz profile or create your own here.


5. There’s an App for That
Now days, there’s a downloadable app for just about everything. Search the Apple App Store or Google Play and you will find everything from Evernote to Idea Capture to more sophisticated architectural design software. Some of them take a little practice, but they can be a lot of fun and very helpful!


6. Brainstorming

As mentioned previously in regards to sharing your photos on social media, discussing your ideas with your friends and family can be a helpful source of creativity. You can also use their initial ideas to springboard onto further concepts that build on your own ideas and clarify what you really want in your home.


7. Take the Next Step
Once you have gathered your ideas, contact us. We can set up a design consultation to go over your ideas and also add some of our own that we have developed over the past 30 years in the design build industry.

From that point, we can get started on creating your custom design package, which includes floor plans and 3D renderings of the new space, a design agreement and a detailed scope of work. You’ll be able to see exactly how your remodeled home will look once the project is complete, and have a clear understanding of the cost and timeline required to reach completion. Everything will be laid out right in front of you, starting with the ideas that you’ve collected. Together, we can work as a team to get you just the look you are envisioning for your remodeled space!

We look forward to seeing your collection of ideas and can’t wait to get to work creating your dreams!


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