Historic Fort Worth Garden Tour

This past weekend I went on the Historic Fort Worth garden tour. This is an annual event that provides a great opportunity to see some beautiful and unique gardens in the historic areas of Fort Worth.

The neatest feature I saw was the espalier tree. The forethought and perseverance to create such a work of art is inspiring. However, as a contractor, I do not recommend that you espalier a tree to your home. Read this for the reasons why.

There are numerous historic neighborhoods surrounding downtown Fort Worth that have all types of homes from modest bungalows to prominent estates. Historic Fort Worth, Inc. looks after these treasured neighborhoods by educating the public about the homes, and of the significance of maintaining their architectural integrity. Visit their web site here to learn more about this great organization and how you can be a part of the movement to learn about and preserve historic Fort Worth. Read more

The Right Temperature for Your Water Heater, and Three Things You Should Know About Your Water Heater

This weekend I noticed a small trickle of water coming from underneath the water heater closet door at my home. According to my past water heater blog, I had been neglecting my water heater. The stamp on the water heater told me it was 20 years old, which means it’s at the end of its life cycle. As a contractor, I could see that my water heater was a model that wasn’t to current code standard. My plumber hadn’t seen it in 5 years or so. The good here is that I was a bad example for others to learn from! All kidding aside, I was very fortunate that the water heater didn’t spring a major leak whilst I was away and ruin the hardwood floors, or worse. Read more