A Closed-off 1970s Kitchen Gets a Streamlined Makeover


Our recent clients came to us wanting a more modern, streamlined look and improved functionality in the galley kitchen of their 1970s ranch home.
As you’ve probably noticed in the before shots of many of our kitchen remodels, homes built in the 1970’s all seem to have at least one feature in common: a closed-off, crowded kitchen with a peninsula that boxes in the space. As popular as this trend was back in the day, it’s always the first thing to go when we begin the remodeling process!
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From Dark & Dingy to Bright & Airy: A 1970’s Kitchen Renovation


In 1970’s homes, peninsulas were commonly used in kitchen layouts to provide counter space and cabinet storage. Fastforward to 2016, and nearly every kitchen we redesign from that era involves removing the peninsula and reworking the layout. The result is a surprisingly larger space, a modern look, and improved storage solutions! Our recent kitchen remodel in Arlington, Texas, is the perfect example of this transformation.

You can see in the ‘before’ floor plan that the space of the kitchen was cut in half by the peninsula. The large walk-in pantry in the corner and the location of the fridge also created a lot of unusable dead space. By removing the peninsula and the pantry and relocating the fridge, the floor plan instantly became more open and provided options for additional cabinets and counter space.
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6 Sink Styles to Consider for Your Kitchen Remodel


Planning for a kitchen remodel is an exciting process for homeowners, but it can also be stressful, and require a lot of decisions to be made! Along with functional design, the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen also requires a lot of time and attention. One of the common questions we get from clients that are in the product selection phase of their remodel is what kind of sink they should choose. While it might seem like a simple decision, there really are a lot of options available, which can quickly become overwhelming if you’re not familiar with the basics! Read more

A Renewed Kitchen

Check out this beautiful new kitchen we just installed! This home had been in our client’s family for years; they had no intention of ever moving, but realized it was time for some updating.

The original kitchen had a great footprint, so we didn’t have to relocate any of the appliances – the sink, stove and fridge all remained in the same place. This made it easier for our clients to focus on what would really make a big difference in their kitchen: modifying the cabinets for more functional and convenient storage! Read more