Mike’s Guys: Kitchen Backsplash & Countertop Update



Our Small Projects Division, Mike’s Guys, addresses small-scale remodels, modifications, and repairs. When it comes to kitchens, many of these smaller projects involve what we call “cosmetic” updates, such as paint, tile, countertops, hardware, flooring, etc. Because no structural work is being done and the layout remains the same, no drafting or permitting is required. This typically makes for a smaller, quicker job. However, just because a project is considered small doesn’t take away from the wow factor of the transformation! We are always impressed with the impact these smaller changes can make.


Here is a recent kitchen update completed by our Mike’s Guys team. The client initially came to us because she was getting a new dishwasher and needed the counter and cabinets to be modified slightly to fit the new model. After some discussion, she expressed that the entire kitchen could use a refresh, but she wanted to avoid a complete overhaul. The decision was then made to replace the countertops and backsplash. With the same color scheme in mind, a modern ceramic subway tile and white 3CM quartz were selected to replace the originals and compliment the new dishwasher.







Comparing the before and after shots side-by-side, you can see that these simple changes have created a modern, remodeled feel to this entire kitchen.





Our client is extremely happy with the outcome, which didn’t require any structural changes or even painting of the cabinets or walls!












If your kitchen (or another room in your home) could use a minor refresh, our Mike’s Guys division is for you! Contact us today to set up an onsite consultation and get a quote for your project!


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