A Renewed Kitchen



Check out this beautiful new kitchen we just installed! This home had been in our client’s family for years; they had no intention of ever moving, but realized it was time for some updating.

The original kitchen had a great footprint, so we didn’t have to relocate any of the appliances – the sink, stove and fridge all remained in the same place. This made it easier for our clients to focus on what would really make a big difference in their kitchen: modifying the cabinets for more functional and convenient storage!

After discussing the project with our clients, our talented designers created detailed floor plans and renderings of the remodeled kitchen. With these visuals, our clients were able to get a clear perspective of the new space from various vantage points.


The biggest difference you will notice in the before and after photos is that the majority of the lower cabinet doors have been replaced with drawers. Not only is this pleasing aesthetically, but it really provides for hassle-free storage. No more bending down to dig out pots and pans from under the counter, or not being able to find a cooking utensil that is hidden at the back of the shelf! Drawers provide an easy, accessible way to store and organize your kitchen necessities.


Under cabinet LED lights were installed to showcase the sleek subway tile backsplash and granite counter tops. Our talented Interior Designer, Stephanie, designed this beautiful herringbone patterned mural that was then installed by our skilled tile guy. What a stunning focal point!


The original kitchen had a conventional electric stovetop and microwave oven combo that took up a good portion of counter space. We replaced the two by installing a slide-in range oven with a warming drawer that can also serve as a second oven, and an under-counter microwave drawer. Both of these appliances have multiple uses, and opened up several square feet of counter space for our clients! Talk about a win-win!

We designed the space between the new ovens with built-in utensil drawers and spice racks. Now our clients will never have to walk across the room or dig through crowded cabinets while they are cooking on the stove top or using the ovens!


The stylish undermount sink we installed makes for a seamless look and easy clean-up. The dated trash compactor in the original kitchen was replaced with a convenient trashcan drawer just below the counter.


One feature the clients really wanted was a display case for their beautiful glassware. We provided them with a custom designed glass-front cabinet, which included LED lighting and glass shelves. The height of the cabinet was increased to provide for an elegant look and more storage space.


Our clients now have a gorgeous remodeled kitchen to enjoy for years to come!

The combination of professional ergonomic and aesthetic design makes for a great project. Contact us today if you’re ready to renew your kitchen!


Warm Regards,