Watch a Complete Kitchen Renovation in 3 ½ Minutes!

renovation video

I have always wanted to do a time lapse video for one of our remodeling projects. But the time, equipment and cost have always been hurdles. So I was jazzed when I ran across this time lapse video on YouTube!

This video fairly represents how most major kitchen renovations go. It is much more of a technical demolition and installation than I think most people realize. The work looks fairly easy, but it looks that way because the installers are professionals at their respective trades. Also, the front end work from the designers and fabricators of the different components has to be superb to get these kind of results.

Take a look at the video—the helicopter flyby at the end is really neat. Thanks to Main Line Kitchen Design for sharing their work!

Let me know if this raises any questions about kitchen remodeling that I may help you with.


2 thoughts on “Watch a Complete Kitchen Renovation in 3 ½ Minutes!

  1. super cool ! i didn’t see them put fill lines or drain line in for island sink im gonna have to watch again. the fly by was great 🙂

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