WACKY and a Balloon that Fixes Two Ongoing Problems With Fireplaces

WACKY 6th Annual Honored Hero Run

Craig LiddellThis past Sunday I attended the WACKY (Warriors Against Cancer in Kids and Young Adults) 6th Annual Honored Hero Run sponsored by Edward Jones. I went to support one of my good buddies, Craig Liddell, who is an Edward Jones broker. This was Craig’s first 5k and he came in first in his division.

One of our remodeling clients, Carol Feyen, was also there participating in the 10k and she, too, won her division. WACKY is a great organization with a great following, doing great work. Please visit their web site http://wackywarriors.org/about to learn more and to find out about their upcoming events. If you are looking for an excellent financial adviser that works for an excellent firm, contact Craig at Edward Jones to see if he can help you with your needs.

A Gadget That Just Might Fix Two Ongoing Problems, A Chimney Balloon!

chimney balloonI’m not one for gadgets, but this one just might work. Two common problems I hear that I don’t have a ready solution for are “my fireplace sometimes stinks up my house” and “how do I make my fireplace more energy efficient?”

The reality is that a wood burning fireplace is a huge hole attached to your house that air will expand in and out of, from both ends (the fire box into your house and the top of the chimney). When you have high pressure days, which in the winter are cold and cloudless, the heat from your house is being pulled right up the chimney. On low pressure days, which are typically cloudy, rainy and humid, the air is being pushed down your chimney and you get that camp fire smell in your house.

The gadget I ran across is a balloon that fills the space in your chimney, stopping the ebb and flow of the air. This will fix both energy efficiency and the odor problem. I’m going to give one from Chimney Balloon a try, because I have both problems with my fireplace. If you get one, let me know how it works!


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