How Much Will My Home Remodel Cost?



The first and most important question you should answer before starting any type of home remodel is how much it will realistically cost. Typically, there isn’t a straight-forward answer to that question without scheduling an on-site consultation and paying for a detailed estimate and design. Because no two projects and no two homeowners are the same, the total cost of your project will depend on multiple variables. This means that even if your neighbor a few houses down has the exact same floor plan as you, built in the same year, your total cost could come in more or less than theirs simply based on your unique scope of work. You also must consider the level of remodeling you intend to do – whether it is a full-gut project that involves moving walls and rearranging the original footprint, or if you just want to update the space you have with new paint, tile, counters, etc. The types of materials, finishes, hardware, and appliances you choose also impact the final price. For example, two homeowners with the same kitchen layout will have different totals if one chooses standard elements, such as a basic undermount sink and chrome faucet, and the other chooses high-end elements, such as a farmhouse-style sink with a brushed gold faucet. Of course, everyone wants the more expensive options often featured on HGTV renovation shows. Unfortunately, these shows tend to create unrealistic expectations regarding the actual costs, timelines, and processes involved in home remodeling.


So, with that vague answer regarding total cost, how do you know if you can really afford to complete a remodeling project? Upon discussing your unique project with you, we provide realistic ballpark numbers for what you can expect to pay. As mentioned, it is impossible for us to provide you with an exact number without first going through the design process. Creating a custom design package allows us to draw the structural and aesthetic changes to be completed, and thus estimate the cost of required materials and labor to get the job done. We then add the total cost of your budget items (those elements we talked about earlier) and we are able to provide you with a total, bottom-line price tag for your unique remodel.


Most of our projects fall within range of a specific cost. Of course, there are always some exceptions; but typically, these ranges are representative of the work we do. The “work we do” is an important component of this as well. We are a luxury design-build firm, meaning that our process involves the skills of a professional design team, professional craftsmen and tradesmen, knowledgeable and experienced project managers, and high-quality products. We manage our projects fully, from design to completion, and take great pride in what we do. It is a part of our standard process to obtain necessary permits and city inspections to ensure everything is done correctly, to code, and built to last. This isn’t the case with other contractors or remodelers, and their bottom-line cost may reflect it. Again, it depends on the level of remodeling you intend to do as well as the level of management you expect from your contractor.


Here is a list of some of the more popular projects we do, and the general ranges in price for each. You can also see this and additional information on the pricing page on our website.



Remodel a Bathroom

Secondary or Hall Bathroom: $30,000 – $55,000

Standard Master Bathroom: $55,000 – $70,000

Luxury Master Bathroom: $70,000 +



Remodel a Kitchen

Standard Kitchen: $50,000 – $75,000 +

Large or Luxury Kitchen: $75,000 +




Complete a Room Addition

Standard Add-on Room: $200-$400 per square foot

Add-on Bathroom: $200-$400 per square foot for the room + $20,000 – $50,000 (or more) for the additional plumbing/bathroom elements




Remodel a Whole House

Touching every room: $100,000 + (for a home up to 2,500 square feet in size)



Additionally, we like to reference this Cost vs Value annual report put out by Remodeling Magazine – it is updated yearly to reflect the average costs of various home remodeling projects in specified areas of the US.



If you have additional questions about pricing or our design process, please fill out a contact form or give our office a call!



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