An Outdoor Patio Becomes A Cozy Family Dining Room


Our clients live in a newer subdivision, where the builders opted not to include formal dining rooms in any of the house plans. While many homeowners today never use their formal dining area, these clients were definitely missing theirs! They decided the best option was to enclose their outdoor covered patio and convert the area into a dining room. The new room would fit perfectly with the layout of their home, and they didn’t think twice about losing the outdoor space!



Here is an inside view of the client’s home before the remodel. On the other side of this wall was the covered patio, leading out to the backyard.







While the covered patio was nice for housing their outdoor grill and provided a comfortable sitting area, the space was rarely used. The clients were certain it would be better utilized as a custom dining room for their family to enjoy regularly.




After Meeting with our designers and discussing their ideas, our clients provided us with an inspirational photo to represent what they had in mind for the new space. They liked the thought of having Craftsman-style columns to match the exterior of their home, and also wanted to incorporate shelving into the half-walls for display and storage purposes.
With the help from our clients and the inspiration photo, our designers were able to create detailed renderings to illustrate the new dining room and bring our client’s ideas to life!





The clients were more than satisfied with the designs, and gave us the go-ahead to get started on the demo and construction.






We removed 3 load-bearing walls and replaced them with beams hidden in the ceiling. The Craftsman-style columns and half-walls were custom created by our talented carpenters to match the designs we provided our clients. We also removed the third window in the living room and installed a new door to the backyard in it’s place.








The finished space is a beautiful new dining room that is everything our client’s hoped for! It truly fits in with the layout of the home and looks as though it has always been there. They now have the perfect place to enjoy holiday meals and special occasions with their family!



If your home is missing a room or has an awkward space that could be better utilized as something else, contact us today! Our creative team of designers can work to create the best remodel for the space that you have, and make your home uniquely suited to you and your family!


We look forward to working with you!


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