A Modern Jack & Jill Bathroom Refresh in Southlake



Every so often, we have clients that come to us for the design of their project and then wait a while to pull the trigger on the construction portion. This delay can be for a number of reasons – waiting for a specific event or holiday to pass, a recent change in career, or trying to make final decisions on the last few design options. Whatever the case may be, we are always happy when clients come back to us after an extended period of time with the intent to move forward. Our recent clients in Southlake, Texas, initially met with us in 2019 to discuss the renovation of an upstairs Jack & Jill bathroom. The project was intended for their daughter, who was in high school at the time, and wanted to refresh the space. While they waited almost two years to proceed with construction after the design was drawn, the timing was perfect for the daughter, who is now going into her senior year of high school. Of course, our team was happy for the opportunity to bring their designs to life!


The original bathroom was fully functional for the daughter, but the look was a bit dated for her taste. A more modern and sophisticated aesthetic was the goal. She had a good idea of the colors and materials she wanted to use and communicated it well to our designers. Our team created realistic 3D renderings to showcase the structural and aesthetic changes to be made.






As the floor plans show, the layout stayed the same, with all of the key components and walls remaining in the same location. One structural modification that was to be made was the removal of the linen cabinet behind the closet door in the first vanity area. It was not utilized and got in the way of the swing of the door. Removing it made the vanity area feel much larger. We also removed the soffits above both vanities to open up the wall and make the ceilings feel higher.







The renderings of the vanity areas show the removed soffit, painted walls, new vanities, countertops, flooring, faucets, and under-mount sinks.





Our clients were especially excited about the LED lighting feature in the new mirrors we installed, along with the toe kick below both vanities. This neat accent lighting has 3 different settings for shades of white, along with colors that can be changed with a remote!






Large, stacked drawers on each side of the sink with a large cabinet below provide ample storage space in the new vanity area.






The gray and white Calcutta tile provides a stark contrast to the original dark purple ombre paint. This popular tile created a modern feel while keeping a classic look to tie in with the rest of the home.






Frameless bypass tub/shower glass doors were chosen to replace the shower curtain to showcase the gorgeous tile and large rain shower head.





At the left end of the shower is a large, 3-tier shampoo niche, perfect for soaps, bottles, and candles. Two small hooks were also added to hold wash rags or loofahs.






The accent mosaic tile gives a modern touch with sleek linear lines that compliment the vertical offset wall tile.

Directly across from the shower, convenient minimalist robe hooks were installed to hold towels or robes as needed. This is a great option for narrow bathrooms to prevent the need of a stool or chair in the walkway beside the shower.




­­The full overlay slab cabinets are a modern upgrade from the traditional-style raised panel doors that were originally used on the cabinets and vanities. These sleek details are what really tie the space together for a cohesive look.





This shot shows the difference the LED lighting makes in the first vanity area. Strategically placed can lights were installed above the vanity where the soffit was removed and can be used with or without the mirror and toe kick LEDs.








Another neat feature of this bathroom is the convenient outlets installed inside the deep, stacked drawers. This provides easy access and storage for hairdryers and styling tools without having to clutter the countertop.






The completed bathroom is modern, sleek, and sophisticated, just as the client’s daughter imagined it would be. The customizable color features of the LED lights and the neutral scheme of the bathroom itself will allow for an easy change in décor if desired, while still maintaining a clean, timeless look for years to come.


Our clients are extremely happy with the completed remodel, and the Medford Team was thrilled that it turned out so beautifully! Kudos to all our team members and vendors that helped bring this project to life:



Structural Design: Mike Medford, Sr.

Aesthetic Design: Stephanie Milford

Drafting and Renderings: Kourtney Davis

Production Management:  Michael Medford, Jr.

Project Management:  Dave Broadfield

Trim Carpentry:  Dave Broadfield, Greg Haws, Scott Vernon, Cody Vick

Cabinets and Shelving:  Bailey Cabinets

Plumbing: Express Plumbing

Electrical: Marc Miller Electric

Drywall: Alex Green Drywall

Paint: Phillip Painting Company

Tile & Counters Fabrication: HRG Granite

Glass: Kindred Glass

Countertops & Tile: Hilton’s Flooring & Tile

Staging: Ali Doskocil

Final Photography: Impressia– Todd Ramsey


We’d also like to share the design selection items that were used on this project:






Whether you are completing an extensive remodel that involves a major layout change, or you’re just updating an existing space with a more modern aesthetic, our Design-Build division would be happy to help! Contact us today for more information!


Warm Regards,


The Medford Team





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