A Bright Dining Room Refresh in Fort Worth


One of the primary goals of our recent whole-house remodel in Fort Worth, Texas, was to create a brighter, more open floor plan throughout the entire home.  A big contributor to achieving this goal was to renovate the dining room, which is in the direct line of sight upon entering the front door. The original room included a large window overlooking the backyard and providing plenty of natural light that our designers wanted to emphasize. Our clients loved the idea of streamlining the design and refreshing the dining room as a whole.

The most notable change in comparing the before and after shots is the replacement of the existing window with a large picture window. This stunning feature showcases the beautiful backyard, game room and patio cover we added to the back of the home, and someday, the pool the clients plan to install. The removal of the cased opening from the living/entry combined the rooms, making the entire central area of the home feel larger. The unobstructed view across the living and dining room upon entering the front door is just the type of open-concept floor plan the clients had in mind!

The entry way into the neighboring kitchen was widened, showcasing the remodeled kitchen that corresponds in color and style with the dining room. Fresh paint and LED can lighting contribute to the brightness of the room and establish a cohesive flow throughout the home.

Along with the widened entry to the kitchen, a large pass-through window was installed in the wall between the kitchen and the living room. This view looking out from the dining area shows the improved aesthetic and flow provided by the renovations.



Our clients opted to keep their gorgeous wood flooring and refresh it with a good sanding and refinishing. This design decision helped tie together other wooden features throughout the home, such as the butcher block countertop used in the pass through window and wooden decor in the dining room.

The eclectic feel of the clients’ decor and decorative lighting speaks to their bold personalities and gives their home a truly one-of-a-kind aesthetic.



The completed dining room is a point of pride for our clients in their newly renovated home. It just goes to show that a simple update can result in an incredible transformation, even without substantial structural modifications.


Stay tuned for more posts discussing the details and various rooms of our recent whole house remodel!


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