4 Reasons You Need a Project Manager for Your Home Remodel

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At Medford Design-Build, our tried-and-true processes are what keep our business going strong. Each member of our team truly takes pride in what we do and understands the importance of working within our processes. We don’t just want to complete your home remodeling project; we want to make sure it is done correctly, on time, to the highest level of quality, and of course, that it meets your expectations as the homeowner. With several years of experience behind us, knowledgeable leaders guiding us, and our vetted team of trade professionals working beside us, our design-build process as a whole has been developed into a seamless transaction from start to finish.


One of the biggest contributors to the success of our remodeling projects is the high-level involvement of our Project Managers. Just as our skilled team of designers will lead you through the design and product-selection portion of your remodel, the Project Manager is the one that takes the lead once the project has moved into the production phase. This is when all of the concepts, ideas, and decisions established throughout the design phase are implemented and brought to life throughout construction. It’s an exciting time for the homeowners when demolition starts and actual physical changes are starting to take place, but it’s also a critical time to ensure things are done correctly and to code. After all, your awesome renovated kitchen or bathroom design is nothing but a drawing if it’s poorly constructed in real life!


If you don’t have a Project Manager, the construction phase of your remodel can quickly become overwhelming. Even the most experienced D-I-Y-er may begin to have doubts considering all there is to know and do when acting as the head-honcho. This is where your Project Manager comes in – to manage and maintain every aspect of construction through completion!


Here are 4 of the many reasons it is in your best interest to have a Project Manager for your home remodel:



1. Scheduling


You may not realize it, but even the simplest remodel involves a fair amount of coordinating schedules with subcontractors, vendors, and trade professionals. Not only do you need to be educated on the order in which things should be done, but you also must take into consideration the number of days it will take to complete each portion (that goes for labor as well as setting/drying time). Not to mention the amount of time it will take to order and receive your products and materials. Are you going to be home to receive product deliveries and let in subcontractors when they arrive? What if one of your products shows up damaged or is on backorder—will you be able to manage reworking the entire schedule because of this unexpected delay? One of the biggest benefits of having a Project Manager is that they are there to handle all of the scheduling and potential re-scheduling that comes along with remodeling.


At Medford Design-Build, our Project Managers are very experienced in these specific scenarios. They know what to do, what calls to make, and what decisions are going to be the most productive in the grand scheme of project completion. It is such an advantage to have someone that is quick on their feet and educated in the realm of remodeling to prevent unnecessary downtime!



2. Addressing the Issues


In a perfect world, your home remodeling project would be executed quickly and smoothly; each phase going on without a hitch. Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world, and sometimes unexpected issues can arise, especially if the work is being done in an older home. As much as we plan for perfection, having leaders with the necessary knowledge and experience to address issues is a must!


For example, we recently completed a remodel on a 1970’s master bathroom in Arlington. Upon removing the existing bathtub, it was discovered that none of the original plumbing lines were installed to code. Our Project Manager was quick to communicate with the homeowners what the issues were and what needed to be done to fix it. A change order form was added to their contract, modifying the Scope of Work within the proposal, and new plumbing lines were installed correctly. The entire modification was done promptly, with minimal downtime or impact on the projected finish date. Had this issue been overlooked, or even ignored, huge plumbing issues could have surfaced later on, requiring tearing up the beautiful bathroom flooring and updates we had just completed. It just goes to show that working with a knowledgeable Project Manager can save you time and money in the long run.



3. Ensuring Quality Craftsmanship


As big of an investment as home remodeling is, every homeowner wants to be absolutely sure that their products and installation are of the highest quality. Along with helping you choose the right products, we work with a great team of trade professionals that understand the level of professionalism we expect when it comes to installation. One of your Project Manager’s main roles is to oversee installation to ensure everything is done exceptionally. Being present at the jobsite and overseeing the work that is done ensures your finished project will meet our expectations as the contractor and your expectations as the homeowner.



4. Providing a Main Point of Contact


How frustrating is it to have a question about a product or service and not be able to reach anyone at the company?! We understand the importance of communication, especially in the scenario where your home is under construction. Having a Project Manager on-site each day allows you to rest easy knowing your home is in good hands. If you have a question, concern, or comment about your remodel, you can contact your Project Manager directly on his cell phone and he will get you the answers you need. You will also receive a text or email from your Project Manager at the end of every workday, explaining what was completed and what’s happening next. With this system in place, you never have to feel “out of the loop” or question if anything significant was completed on any given day. Providing a main point of contact and developing an open line of communication creates a better experience for everyone involved.


As a design-build firm, we always prefer to complete a full project from start to finish (in which case, one of our fantastic Project Managers would be assigned to your job!) However, if you decide to put our designs out to bid to potentially hire another contractor, we hope you’ll prioritize the importance of having a knowledgeable, reliable Project Manager to work with. It really will make all the difference in the outcome and overall experience of your home remodel!


If you have questions about Project Management or would like to discuss your home remodeling project, contact us today! We’d be happy to help!


Warm Regards,


The Medford Design-Build Team


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