4 Benefits of Iron Front Entry Doors

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Installing an iron front entry door is one of the best ways to improve the appearance of your home’s exterior. These beautiful doors come in various styles, decorative patterns, and colors, which provide for a unique way to customize your home.

Aside from adding visual appeal and elegance to your home, these doors offer a number of other benefits:


Increased Home Value

Iron entry doors not only make your home look more expensive, but also add value should you ever decide to sell. Having a striking iron door installed will make your home and neighborhood look nicer and provide a lasting impression on home buyers, which may increase the amount of money they are willing to pay.




Improved Security

Improved security is another benefit to having an iron entry door. Since they are more difficult to enter, they tend to discourage thieves from breaking in. Most designs incorporate wrought iron designs over thick glass or wood. While they are not completely indestructible, they are heavy and sturdy, making it very difficult to trespass. Of course, you’ll still want to take precautions, such as having an in-home alarm system installed, but a big iron door will definitely help you feel safer and potentially send thieves away to a less guarded home.


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Long-lasting Durability

Iron doors are a quality investment, as they can last for years and continue to look polished and elegant. Because of the sturdy and durable wrought iron that is used, these doors can withstand an impressive amount of pressure, natural elements and extreme temperatures without needing repair or replacement.



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Out-of-the-Ordinary Aesthetic

If you want something different and really would like to stand out in your neighborhood, an iron door or an iron- accented door is a great choice. You can be sure your home will be set apart from others, especially if all of the homes look alike!

As you can see, choosing to install an iron front entry door will drastically improve your home in many ways. Here are a few iron doors we’ve installed in the past:






Our clients love the doors and all of the benefits that come with them!


If you’re considering sprucing up the exterior of your home and taking advantage of the great benefits that iron doors provide, contact us today!


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