3 Benefits of Working with a Professional Handyman



If there is one thing we have learned since introducing our handyman division – Mike’s Guys – it’s that some homeowners tend to associate the term “handyman” with “inexpensive” as a means to get large projects done for less. This isn’t completely wrong; Mike’s Guys was established with the purpose of providing assistance with smaller projects that typically cost less than major remodels. Our goal is to provide professional service and high-end results for small remodels, home maintenance, and repair projects—the same great service and results that you would expect from Medford Design-Build for major remodels!


In a recent blog, we discussed the importance of following a process and that there are many contractors that don’t follow a proven process, resulting in a poorly executed project. The unfortunate thing about home remodeling and handyman work alike is that there are a lot of so-called professionals out there that don’t operate with integrity and honesty in mind. They might be more concerned with making a dollar than they are with their client’s best interest. Just as true as the saying “you get what you pay for” is with home remodeling, it is the same with handyman work. A smaller project doesn’t necessarily mean there is less risk involved. In fact, there could even be more risk of a bad experience or faulty work in a handyman project, since just about anyone can pick up a hammer and call themselves a handyman! The scariest part of that scenario is that something that should have been a simple, affordable handyman project could end up costing you hundreds or even thousands more if you hire someone that isn’t truly qualified to do the work!


Having said that, we’d like to share three benefits of working with a professional handyman, like Mike’s Guys:









  1. Full Project Management


As all of our recent and past clients know, a key contributor to our success as a design-build firm is the total project management provided for each individual job. Mike’s Guys provides the same high level of management for your smaller project, ensuring a seamless process and positive overall experience. That means we have one person in charge of everything, from start to finish. This person will interact with and schedule any tradesmen or subcontractors that are involved, monitor the work that is done while they are at your home, and inspect the finished project for completion and quality. Having a knowledgeable, experienced professional managing your project on your behalf is a wonderful reassurance!



  1. High-Quality Service


With over 30 years in the remodeling industry, our tried-and-true team of trusted tradesmen has remained a point of pride for the Medford Team. The same talented professionals we work with on just about every major remodel are the same talented individuals that assist with our handyman projects. Why hire just any plumber, electrician, stone mason, or other tradesmen when you can hire someone that has proven to be a knowledgeable, skilled, and trusted team-player? Working with Mike’s Guys means you are working with our team, ensuring quality work and professional service.




  1. Warranty Guarantee


Just as we do with our large-scale remodels, Mike’s Guys provides a 3-year warranty of workmanship after the project completion. That means that if the items we install, repair, or replace have complications within 3 years, Mike’s Guys will provide a complimentary warranty visit to address the issues and find a solution. This is a great value if you consider the risk of hiring someone with a cheapest initial quote, but then have to call them back out 6 months or a year later with the same problem. You could end up paying double, even triple what you would have paid with Mike’s Guys!


More often than not, these 3 benefits enough to prove to homeowners that it’s worth it to pay more for a professional handyman service like Mike’s Guys. Our team is dedicated to providing quality service, peace of mind, and an honest warranty to ensure the best possible experience to our clients. If you have a small renovation, a repair, or a home maintenance project you’d like to discuss, Mike’s Guys would be happy to help! Contact us today for more information!



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