The Timeline of a Remodel: What to Expect

The Timeline of a Remodel: What to Expect


We recently had a client contact us about having his kitchen remodeled. Upon discussing our process of completion from designs to construction, he asked a common question we hear from almost all of our clients: “how long will the entire remodel take to complete?


This is a great question! Everyone wants to know exactly how long it will be until they are able to enjoy their new kitchen, bathroom, or other remodeled space. Unfortunately, there is not a “canned answer” we can offer to everyone because we don’t always know exactly how long certain steps of the process will take. For example, obtaining the required permits could take several weeks depending on the city and the project, which could push back the start date significantly. This definitely isn’t common (in most cases, we receive the permit within 10 business days), but it is a possibility, and we’re sure to educate our clients on the process and timeline prior beginning the work.


While each project is different and each will have its own specific timeline based on the scope of work, there is a general estimated timeline that we can provide:




The initial consultation is usually scheduled after you have a clear understanding of our process. Our team quickly responds to all client emails and phone calls. We’ll thoroughly explain the design-build process from start to finish and answer any questions you might have. After discussing your project, your designer will send you a sample design package via email, which specifies the price of the design package, as well as a ballpark estimate for construction based on the type of project you would like to complete. After you have reviewed the email and feel comfortable with the process, we will gladly schedule your initial consultation with one of our design professionals.


During this consultation, two of our professional designers will meet with you at your home, chat with you about what you have in mind for your remodel, answer your questions, and provide a more accurate estimate of what the project will cost. Upon collecting the design fee, they will take photos and measurements of your existing space so we can begin creating your custom design package.


From your initial contact with our office, we can usually set up the consultation as early as the following week, if not the same week. The consultation itself usually takes an hour or so.






The next step following your consultation is the creation of your custom design package. Each design package includes floor plans and 3-D renderings of your remodeled space, as well as a detailed scope of work document. This comprehensive document outlines what is included and not included in your project. Plumbing, electrical, framing, trim, drywall, paint, flooring, and countertops are examples of what you would see on the scope of work. Breaking the project down in this way allows us to not only clarify what will be done, but also allows us to provide a realistic timeline and cost for materials and labor. The design phase takes approximately 2 weeks from your initial consultation for us to complete.


The Timeline of a Remodel: What to Expect




After your designs are complete, your designer will call you to set up a review meeting with you at our office to go over your design package and the proposal. They will pull up the plans and 3-D renderings on the big screen and walk you through every step of the project to be completed throughout construction.


Once any needed revisions are made, we’ll proceed to collect the down payment and compile the necessary documents to apply for a permit from the city. As mentioned, this step can take some time, but we typically have the permit within 10 business days if all goes smoothly.


While the permit is being approved by the city, our Interior Designer, Stephanie, will work with you to choose your design selection items. This includes items such as paint colors, countertop material, flooring, light fixtures, appliances, and so on. Once everything is selected, our General Manager, Kourtney, will proceed to place all of your purchase orders and obtain shipping and tracking information. Once everything is delivered and on-hand, we’re ready to move on to construction. It usually takes 3 to 4 weeks to have everything selected, ordered, shipped, and delivered. This is a great time for you to start cleaning out your cabinets and drawers and preparing the area to be remodeled for the construction phase.


The Timeline of a Remodel: What to Expect




Construction begins on the start date specified during your review meeting. At this point, your designs have been finalized, the building permit is in hand, and all of your selection items have been delivered. From demolition to completion,the construction phase can take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks. For larger projects that are more complex or if you choose to include add-on projects, the timeline can extend to roughly 8 weeks.


After the construction is complete, we set up the final inspection with the city to ensure everything is done correctly and to code. Most importantly, we make sure you are 100% satisfied with your remodeled space!



The Timeline of a Remodel: What to Expect



Adding all of these phases together, the average remodel time – from your initial consultation to final inspection of your completed remodel is roughly 3 months. While these timelines are typical, it’s important to remember that every remodel is different and various factors can contribute to the duration of your unique project. The approximate scheduling of your specific job will be printed in your formal contract and approved by both parties before the project starts. We try our absolute best to stay ahead of the curve and let you know beforehand if we see any potential issues that could cause delays. When unexpected circumstances do arise, your assigned Project Manager, as well as our team as a whole, will work to resolve it and get your project back on track swiftly and smoothly! It’s all a matter of open communication, realistic scheduling and an organized process.


If you are interested in learning more about the design-build process or have a unique remodeling project you would like to discuss, we’d be happy to help! Contact Medford Design-Build today!


Warm Regards,


The Medford Design-Build Team


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