An Open-Concept Kitchen Gets a Fresh Look & Improved Functionality


Open-Concept Kitchen

We love helping our clients create a beautiful, more functional home to meet their needs! Each time we complete a remodel, the homeowners are blown away with the improved layout, the amount of counter top and storage space they have gained, and how much bigger and brighter the room is. It truly is a complete transformation every time and the grand reveal is what makes the whole process worth it!
Looking back at original floor plans and layouts of our clients’ homes often makes us scratch our heads and think, “why would anyone design it that way in the first place?” Unfortunately, “cookie cutter” homes are not always designed in a way that optimizes usable space. Kitchens, in particular, are typically set up in a way that creates unwanted traffic and congestion in the work areas, isolates the cook from the neighboring rooms, and lacks the necessary features for optimal organization and efficiency. These are the most common complaints we get from our clients looking to renovate, and were definitely the case with our most recent kitchen remodel!


The layout of this kitchen may not appear to have changed much between the before and after floor plans, but there were a few substantial changes that really made a huge impact.
One of these changes involved closing in the existing walkway between the kitchen and the dining room. You can see in the before floor plan that there was a walkway connecting the rooms, which incorporated a built-in bar area across from the laundry room. The bar might sound like a cool feature, but it only wasted valuable space and congested the walkway. Because the homeowners seldom used this space for seating, it became an informal storage area, creating a place for clutter to accumulate.
Another big change that needed to be made in the layout of the existing kitchen was the location of the refrigerator. Not only did it block the walkway to the laundry room, but it also created unwanted traffic through the kitchen if guests were coming from the living room or breakfast area.
Lastly, the existing walk-in pantry was placed at an angle in the corner of the kitchen. This broke up valuable counter top space and vertical space that could be utilized for cabinetry.
Our improved floor plan shows a more efficient layout by closing off the walkway and removing the bar between the dining room and kitchen, creating a spacious new pantry. The existing walk-in pantry was removed from the corner, allowing the cabinetry and counters to continue around the corner to the new pantry door. The new location of the refrigerator also provides more counter space in it’s previous corner, and prevents unwanted traffic from crowding the kitchen.






Once our designers discussed the layout issues with our clients, our draftsmen got to work creating the elevations and 3D renderings of the new kitchen. This is always a challenging, yet rewarding part of the process for us, as we are able to take the notes and inspiration photos provided by the clients and create a visual to bring their vision to life. The photos and measurements taken during the initial consultation allow us to draw a replica of the existing space and then manipulate the features and finishes to match what the clients have in mind. We are then able to provide them with a “virtual tour” of their remodeled space by allowing them to see the finished project from different angles and vantage points. For these clients, being able to see the renderings of their new kitchen provided a whole new level of excitement and anticipation!






After the final plans and renderings were approved by the clients, our talented interior designer, Stephanie Milford, assisted them with their selection items. Sometimes clients come to us with their counter tops, tiles, paint colors, appliances, and flooring already selected; other times, they might have a handful of items picked out but need help with the last few. Stephanie is really great at helping our clients choose the perfect correlating colors and finishes that complement the style of the room and tie it all together. Making all of these decisions can feel intimidating or overwhelming, but Stephanie and our team are always willing to work with you to create the perfect outcome that you will be happy with for years to come.
These clients worked with Stephanie and ultimately selected beautiful light-colored granite counter tops, semi-gloss mosaic backsplash tile with matching accent mural, vinyl wood plank flooring, black stainless steel appliances, satin nickel hardware and neutral paint colors for the walls and cabinets.
Once the ordered items and materials were delivered, our craftsman proceeded to install the remodel. Our team of professionals ensured everything was done correctly and to code. You can see the level of quality and attention detail in the final project photos; what a transformation!







When comparing the before and after photos, you can really see what a difference some minor changes made. The previous peninsula wasn’t quite wide enough for bar stools, and the existing wall extended further than the clients wanted, closing off the kitchen from the living area. Again, the original location of the refrigerator created unwanted traffic and blocked the walkway to the laundry room. Removing the wall and the fridge and installing some beautiful pendant lights created a bright, airy feel. You’ll also notice that the dishwasher that was beside the fridge is gone. It was replaced with a “panel-ready” dishwasher, which is now at the end of the peninsula. These types of dishwashers are installed without a front panel, allowing our carpenters to install one that matches the cabinetry in the kitchen, similar to a paneled refrigerator cabinet. The panel blends right in with the cabinets, hiding the dishwasher. Pretty neat, huh?!


Another cool feature in this peninsula is the bookcase we added on to the end – perfect for knickknacks and cookbooks.


You can also see that we installed the same vinyl plank flooring we used in the kitchen across the living room to create a more open, flowing feel. The client also wanted a display area in the living room, so we installed a custom built-in bookshelf with backlighting where framed photos can be displayed.




Because we removed the wall between the kitchen and living room and relocated the refrigerator, we were able to build a custom display case at the far end of the new peninsula. This backlit display provides a beautiful place for our clients to show off their glassware and it also compliments the flooring and other wood-look features in the kitchen.





The original corner pantry has been replaced with extended counter tops and cabinetry, along with a beautiful corner glass-front display cabinet with backlighting. A microwave drawer was installed below the countertop for easy access and a cleaner, clutter-free counter.




A new range oven and wood vent hood were installed, along with a custom mosaic tile mural behind the range for a beautiful focal point.  A convenient pot filler was also installed above the range, providing for easy access when cooking.




Previously, the microwave was located in the upper cabinets above the stove, with no way to vent the stove gases from the kitchen. The lighting in the kitchen was also very poor, which we corrected with strategically placed can lights and over/under cabinet lighting. The refrigerator’s new location provides a more direct path for those in the breakfast area without crowding the kitchen workspace. Deep pan drawers and stacked utensil drawers beside the range provide easy access and optimal organization.


As mentioned, we closed in the walkway from the dining room to the kitchen to provide for the new pantry.  Now, upon entering the front door, guests are greeted by the formal dining room and the beautiful French doors we installed at the entrance to the living room.  From the French doors, you can see the gorgeous new fireplace we installed before turning the corner to the new kitchen.





The updated home is absolutely beautiful, brighter, more spacious, and more efficient! Our clients could not be happier with the renovated spaces.


We’d like to say a big thank you to all of our designers, project managers, craftsmen, and vendors that were involved in this project:
Structural Design: Mike Medford, Sr.
Aesthetic Design: Stephanie Milford
Draftsman: Kourtney Smith Davis
Renderings: Kourtney Smith Davis
Project Manager: Dave Broadfield
Carpentry: Donovan Cole, Michael Edwards
Cabinets: Bailey Cabinets
Plumbing: Express Plumbing
Electrical: Marc Miller Electric
Drywall: Alex Green Drywall
Paint: Philip Painting Company
Flooring: Hiltons Flooring
Tile & Counters: HRG Granite
Doors: Resdoor
HVAC: Southern Air
Masonry: James Slayton
Photography: Impressia Photography


If your home’s looks and functionality need improvement, we’d be happy to help turn it into an amazing transformation story like this one! Contact us today for more information about the home remodeling process.


Warm Regards,
The Medford Remodeling Team



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