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If you’ve done any work with the Medford Team recently, or if you follow us on social media, you have likely heard about our Small Projects division — Mike’s Guys Home Improvement. For 30+ years, our design-build team has provided custom design packages and quality construction for large-scale home remodels. The inclusion of Mike’s Guys allows us to better meet the needs of our clients that need help with smaller projects such as home repairs, maintenance, and installations.


Because small projects are approached differently than extensive home remodels, the estimating process is also a little different. For those of you who are not familiar with it, we wanted to share a short blog to explain the steps for getting an estimate for your project with Mike’s Guys.




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1. A Free Virtual Estimate

If you are comfortable with taking photos and sending emails from your cell phone, a “virtual estimate” is a great alternative to scheduling an on-site consultation. Sending us photos and a description of your project allows for a much quicker turn-around time for receiving an estimate. More often than not, our knowledgeable Project Managers can review the photos and type up an estimate to be emailed back to you without even needing to see your home in person. Simply provide a few photos of your project, a short description, and any necessary measurements and send to info@remodelmm.com. We will respond that we received your request and let you know when you can expect your estimate. If our Estimator has additional questions or determines that he does need to see the project in person, he will contact you directly and proceed to schedule an on-site consultation.



2. A Free 30- Minute Consultation

This option is for minor projects that our team could complete in a short amount of time with no help required from other tradesmen. Our Estimator will provide a free 30-minute consultation and a written estimate on-site. If it is determined that the project will require more than one tradesman to be completed, a formal estimate will be required.




3. A Measure & Formal Estimate

For projects that require more than one trade, our Estimator will measure and take notes and photographs on-site, and then type up a formal scope of work and estimate that will be emailed to you, typically within 3-5 business days.


The base fee for this is $150, depending on the size of the project/number of rooms. If you choose to have us do the work at the price quoted on the estimate, the $150 will go toward the total cost. You also have the option to use the estimate we provide to get competitive bids from other contractors or handyman services. The detailed scope of work document provides a clear outline of exactly what needs to be done, allowing you to compare pricing apples-to-apples before you hire.




4. Purchase a Custom Design Package

Sometimes, a project may seem pretty straight-forward and simple but is actually very complex.  In this instance, it would be passed on to the Design-Build side of our company. This typically pertains to projects that involve structural changes, removing walls, or product selection assistance. A custom design package would likely be required, and the price would be determined by the specifications of the project. If this is the conclusion of the Estimator at your consultation, he will instruct you to call our office to discuss the next steps and set up a design consultation.


Our team is excited to offer small project services to our new and existing clients! If you are unsure about the process or whether or not your project is considered a handyman job, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to helping you with your home improvement needs!


Warm Regards,


Mike’s Guys

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