HDNP’s September Blood Drive in Arlington

We recently shared a post for a local blood drive that could help save lives and greatly benefit those that are facing serious health issues due to COVID-19. If you missed HDNP’s blood drive back in June, now’s your chance to donate! They are hosting another blood drive, coming up in September:


Help for Desperately Needy People International’s next blood donation event is scheduled for Saturday, September 19, from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM in front of Prosperity Bank in South Arlington: 4100 S Bowen Rd, Arlington, TX 76016. This will mark the organization’s 40th blood drive, and they are hoping to make it a good one!



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About the Organization (via www.hdnpinternaitonal.org)


HDNP International is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization located in Arlington, TX. It was founded in 2012. It’s mission is to establish and promote welfare activities aimed to alleviate human suffering and work towards the improvement of the society for the poor, helpless, and weak.


Poverty is an issue that concerns everyone. Devastating poverty deprives the individual of basic human needs such as food, shelter, clothing, clean drinking water, and a proper education. These are essential needs that every human being on this planet is entitled to.


HDNP International and other like-minded organizations are working together towards a solution to alleviate poverty and hunger on a global scale. Without public awareness and community support, our goal to end hunger in our communities cannot be achieved.


This organization incorporates community, business, and government together as one so they may work together to make this world a better place to thrive in.


For more information about the organization or the event, or to inquire about volunteer opportunities, visit the event listing, or the HDNP website.


If you and your friends or family have some free time on Saturday, September 19, stop by HDNP International’s blood drive in Arlington to donate blood and help those in need. Your donation could save a life!


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