A Craftsman Exterior Renovation in Fort Worth


Most people think of kitchen or bathroom renovations when they hear the word “remodeling,” but the term isn’t limited to interior projects; exterior remodeling is one of the popular services offered by our design team, and the results never fail to impress! A little curb appeal can establish a sense of pride in your home that you didn’t know you needed.


Our recent clients in Fort Worth have completed several remodeling projects in the interior of their home but felt that the outside was lacking that “wow factor.” They came to our team looking to acquire some creative ideas and a cohesive plan of action. The ability to see realistic renderings of the finished project was very important to them, since visualizing their home any differently than they have always seen it was a challenge. They were familiar with our design-build process and were hopeful it would be the same with an exterior project. With years of experience in exterior renovations and our team of knowledgeable designers, we assured our clients they had come to the right place!








One of the first items on our client’s wish list was to incorporate a more dimensional aesthetic with roof overhangs. The original exterior did not have overhangs at all, making the shape feel boxy. You can see in the before shot how flat the front elevation was before the structural overhangs were installed. Decorative corbels and charming vinyl shutters add character and visual interest to the refreshed exterior. The goal was to create an updated craftsman look, which includes layers, dimension, and intricate details – just the kind of features our clients were seeking.



The fireplace brick was sandblasted to create the German Shmear look that the clients wanted – the refinished chimney looks impressively similar to the inspiration photo they provided us!


All the siding and trim was replaced for a clean, bright appearance. Not only does updating your siding improve your home’s curb appeal, but it’s also critical to the long-term maintenance of your house. A strong, sturdy exterior is your home’s first defense against harsh weather elements, so it’s a good idea to inspect your siding annually for cracks, peeling, or signs of rot. Repairing or replacing damaged siding will keep out damaging moisture and maximize energy efficiency.


Also regarding energy efficiency, this house did not have proper wall or roof insulation. We were able to add blown-in fiberglass insulation, which significantly improves the heating and cooling of the home.




You will also notice that the clients had their landscaping completely redone. While our team does not offer landscaping services, we’d like to note that this was a wise choice for the clients! The new yard looks great, but the real benefit is that the bushes just below the windows were removed, which will help prevent damage to the new siding. We always recommend keeping grass, plants, and bushes 12 to 18 inches away from the exterior surface of your home, including brick.





The roof includes new shingles, flashing, and ridge vents for improved efficiency. Show-stopping copper color gutters and downspouts were installed for both functionality and high-end appeal.


Some of the other features that contributed to the high-end aesthetic were new exterior doors and hardware, decorative light fixtures, and custom house numbers.






The completed exterior remodel has breathed new life into the home and allowed our clients to fall in love with it again. We are all so happy with the final product!


We’d like to recognize all of our talented team members, trade partners, and vendors that helped bring this dream to life:




Structural Design: Michael Medford, Jr.


Aesthetic Design: Stephanie Milford


Drafting and Renderings: Brandy Anderson


Production Management: Dave Broadfield


Project Management: Scott Vernon


Trim Carpentry: Jeff Murphy


Electrical: Marc Miller Electric


Paint: Phillip Painting Company


Insulation: Cowtown Insulation


Roofing: Huffaker Roof


Final Photography: Impressia – Todd Ramsey




We’d also like to share the design selection items that were chosen for this project:



If your home’s exterior could use a little TLC, Medford Remodeling is your one-stop-shop. Contact us today to get started on the design and have the best-looking house on the block this summer!


Warm Regards,


The Medford Team


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