7 Ideas to Refresh Your Kitchen




Among the many home remodeling projects we complete each year, kitchen remodels are consistently a top choice among our clients. As the ‘heart of the home,’ the space is often a priority when it comes to improving functionality, style, and overall home value.


Want to refresh your kitchen, but don’t know where to begin? Here are 7 ideas to help you get started:


1. Add Color



Adding or changing the colors in your kitchen is an easy way to make a big impact. Whether you are painting the whole room, incorporating an accent wall, re-staining the cabinets, or just adding pops of color with trim, creating contrast with color is one of the most affordable ways to refresh a space.



2. Mix Textures



Along with updating the colors in your kitchen, consider adding some new materials that emphasize different textures. Wood grains, natural stone, concrete, and polished metals all make great accents that can break up a boring design and add some visual appeal.



3. Rethink Organization



Improving the organization of your kitchen can do wonders for its functionality. Pull-out pantries, pot racks and cutting boards, Lazy Suzans in lower cabinets, crockery drawers, adjustable shelving inside pantries, and modular drawer dividers are just a few items that can take organization to another level and make your kitchen feel brand new!


4. Incorporate Smart Designs




Speaking of functionality, having your kitchen re-designed is really a great option for many homeowners. Does your refrigerator block the kitchen entryway when open? Is your microwave built in to your upper cabinets making it hard to reach when lifting heavy dishes? Does your pantry take up extra space that could be used for counters or additional storage? Having a design-build firm (like Medford Remodeling!) design a new layout for your kitchen can allow you to make the absolute best use of the area, providing convenience, visual appeal, and improved functionality.



5. Choose Unique, Structural fixtures


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If you’re happy with your kitchen for the most part, but want to splurge on one or two things to really make an impact, unique fixtures are the way to go. There are many different styles of artistic, structural sink faucets, fans, and light fixtures that can give your kitchen a new look and personality.


6. Swap Old Hardware with a New Finish





Along with new fixtures, a simple change in hardware can also play a part in refreshing your kitchen. There are all kinds of knobs, pulls, hinges, and switch plate covers available in various finishes and price points.



7. Consider Open Shelving




Open shelving replacing upper cabinets is becoming a popular trend in the world of kitchens. Floating shelving provides a greater sense of space and can be filled with dishes, décor, or pops of color that really give a dated kitchen new life.


While these are only a few suggestions, we hope this list has provided some inspiration for updating your kitchen! If you’re interested in one or all of these projects and need help getting the job done, contact us today! Our team of professionals can assist you with color and product selection, design ideas, installation, and more!


Warm Regards,


The Medford Remodeling Team


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