Why You Need a Custom Design Package for Your Kitchen Remodel


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There are a lot of variables that come into play during a kitchen remodel. The size and state of the existing kitchen, the complexity of the project, the features and amenities to be included, the structural changes that need to be made, and of course, the intended use of the remodeled space by the homeowners – that is, determining what modifications will most effectively solve the homeowner’s current issues with their kitchen. These variables are different for every project: perhaps the existing kitchen is too small and lacks storage space or the layout is dysfunctional. Maybe a remodel was started with a contractor who did things incorrectly or failed to finish the job, leaving the kitchen completely unusable. Because each of these scenarios has a different starting point and involves a different course of action to meet the homeowner’s needs, they each require their own customized design plan.


Our Custom Design Package is just that – a design plan created to meet the homeowner’s specific needs. The benefit is not only that our clients feel confident about their remodel, but also that the design is presented to them clearly before the construction even begins. The design and presentation process ensures that nothing is missed or overlooked and that our clients are on the same page as our designers and our construction team regarding the end product and the steps required to get there.






Each of our Custom Kitchen Design Packages include detailed floor plans and 3D renderings of the remodeled space, providing a detailed visual of how the space will be laid out and what it will look like once construction is complete. We do this by taking photos and measurements of the existing kitchen and plugging it into our rendering software. Our draftsman then modifies the details of the room (walls, flooring, cabinetry, appliances, sink, windows, lighting, etc.) according to the inspiration photos and notes collected during the consultation. This visual aid is extremely helpful because it brings to life an idea that the homeowner has only imagined. It can either confirm what they want in their remodel or prove that what they had in mind might not work in reality. In either situation, our team of designers is able to assist with suggestions and ideas to provide the best possible outcome for the finished kitchen, making tweaks and revisions as needed until the designs are finalized.


Accompanying the floor plans and renderings is a comprehensive Scope of Work document to outline everything that needs to be done to construct the project based on the designs. This document specifies everything from the foundation and framing to the plumbing, electrical, drywall, countertops, tile, and so on.


Also addressed in this document are any specific items that are not included in the project, as well as the estimated timeframe, insurance and warranty disclosures, change order processes, the total cost for materials and labor, and a proposed payment schedule. Because this document serves as our contract for the construction of the project, it is incredibly organized and detailed, which is also beneficial to the homeowners. Having every step written in black and white limits questions, confusion, and misunderstandings throughout the course of the kitchen remodel by addressing them upfront, prior to the start of construction.


The last part of the Custom Kitchen Design Package is what we call the Budget Items Worksheet. This worksheet is a chart of line items that will be purchased for the project. It includes things like tile, countertop material, flooring, decorative lighting, etc. This is considered the “shopping list” of items that the homeowner gets to pick out, contributing to the total cost of the remodel as a whole. Every item, along with it’s price, is listed to allow for complete transparency regarding the total cost of the project.


Altogether, the floor plans, 3D renderings, Scope of Work, and Budget Items Worksheet complete a Design Package, providing clarity and understanding between our team and the homeowner. Having every detail discussed and agreed upon beforehand, the road through construction is much smoother and less stressful for everyone involved!


This tried-and-true design process has resulted in hundreds of successful kitchen remodels since the start of Medford Design-Build in 1982. If you have been considering a kitchen remodel, our team would be happy to help! Contact us today to get started with your own Custom Design Package!


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The Medford Team


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