5 Reasons a Design Build Firm is a Better Choice than a General Contractor for your Major Remodel


The term ‘design build’ is slowly becoming more familiar in the world of home remodeling. Previously, if someone wanted to remodel their home, they would contact a general contractor and architect. While contractors alone can do a lot of great work, they simply do not offer the many benefits that you would receive from working with a design-build firm, such as Medford Remodeling.

Here are 5 reasons why a design build firm is a better choice for your major remodeling project: Read more

5 Signs You Should Hire a Professional for Your Home Remodel

With all of the home improvement DIY networks and Pinterest How-to’s, it’s sometimes easy to think you can tackle just about any renovation project on your own. While it may be tempting to take on a major home improvement project to save money, it’s not always wise to do it alone.

Here are five signs that you’ll likely need kitchen remodeling help from a professional:

  1. You’d like to remove that dated popcorn ceiling

Popcorn ceilings were popular in the 1950’s and 60’s as a form of acoustic treatment. In 1978, this method was banned because the treatment contained asbestos, which can cause mesothelioma (a fatal cancer that affects the lining of the lungs). Despite the health risks, the government allowed builders to use up their on-hand materials after the ban was instilled. For that reason, popcorn ceilings installed post-1978 may still contain the carcinogenic material. Read more