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Home Maintenance



As they say, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” While this statement can be applied to many different scenarios in life, it also rings true for home maintenance. A little investment in small repairs can go a long way in preventing major, more expensive issues down the road.


Here are 5 maintenance projects to get you started on updating and maintaining a safe, functional, and efficient home:



1. Adding Insulation

Insulation can help you control a number of things, such as temperature (both cool and warm), noise levels, and your monthly energy bill. If your home was built before 1980, your home could be insufficiently insulated and lacking in these areas. Simply adding insultation to your attic space could drastically impact your comfort level as well as your cooling/heating bill.




2. Maintaining the Roof

Your roof is one of your home’s first lines of defense against the elements. From the intense heat of the summer, to the harsh storms in the spring, to the heavy snow and freezing temperatures in the winter; your roof takes a lot of damage throughout the year.

To continue to withstand the forces of nature, it needs to be properly maintained. It’s wise to have contracted professional inspect your roof for damages a few times a year to identify areas that are compromised or could allow leaks in the future. Catching these issues early can prevent expensive repairs later, such as water damage, wood rot, or mold.



Home Maintenance




3. Replacing Old Siding

Replacing worn-out, cracked, or leaking siding is very important in the prevention of more serious future home repairs.

Siding that is peeling, cracking or chipping is a sign that there’s a fundamental problem. Keep in mind that siding should keep its color and shape for at least 10 years. If it looks faded or warped, or has bubbles, streaks, or stains throughout, it might be time to replace. Other warning signs include growths such as mildew, mold, or fungus.




4. Replacing Windows

Much like the roof and insulation, the windows help keep your home comfortable and your utility costs down. Your windows need to be secure, properly sealed and heat repellent. If they have issues opening or closing, have consistent condensation, allow drafts and noise to pass, or exhibit decay on the frame, it’s likely time for a replacement.

If you recently had your windows replaced, remember to check the caulk a few times a year to ensure that the sealing is still good.




5. Addressing Energy Issues

If you’ve never had an energy audit completed at your home, it would certainly be in your best interest! This useful assessment provides insight into electrical problems that you would never have otherwise noticed; problems that are unnecessarily raising your monthly electric bill and causing potential safety hazards.




While there are many home maintenance and repair projects that must be completed to keep your home in proper working order, these 5 are a great place to start! Doing so will help save you money and keep potential issues from becoming major problems in the future.


If you have home repairs, maintenance, or updates you need help with, Mike’s Guys Handyman would be happy to help! Contact us today for more information!


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