The Final Countdown: Complete Your Remodel By The 2024 Holiday Season!

Kitchen Remodel by Holiday Season



The months always seem to fly by after the holidays. Before you know it, the summer is over, fall is upon us, and the end-of-the-year rush is just around the corner — yet again! Time has a way of eluding us and it continues to pass by. We all know how troublesome it can be to realize you have put off tasks thinking you have more time than you actually do.


One of the most common requests we hear from homeowners throughout each year is to complete their home remodel before the holiday season. This is typically a very doable thing, so long as the start date for the project is early enough. What many of our potential clients don’t realize is that the start date isn’t referring to the day construction begins; rather it is the beginning of the design process. The initial consultation, purchase of a design package, measure appointment, completion of designs and revisions, review meetings, and signing of the proposal for construction are all preliminary steps that are required before demolition day at your home.



Kitchen Remodel by Holiday Season



How Long Does the Design Process Take?


Let’s say you have an initial consultation at your home to discuss a kitchen/breakfast area/ and living room remodel. If you decide at that appointment to move forward by signing a design agreement and purchasing a design package, we will then proceed to schedule the measure appointment (likely for the following week). Once we have collected photos, measurements, and notes, our designers will begin drawing your floorplans and renderings. This portion of the design process typically takes about 3-4 weeks total, from the date of signing the design agreement.


Once the designs are completed, we’ll set up a review meeting at our office to present the renderings, floor plans, and a virtual walk-through. This meeting allows us to note any revisions that need to be made prior to finalizing the designs so that we can estimate the project. A second review meeting is then held to present the proposal for us to complete the construction. This portion of final revisions and proposal presentation is within a 2-3 week timeframe.


Lastly, after the proposal has been accepted and the contract signed, we will collect the down payment and begin selecting and ordering your design items. This includes all the pretty things – your tile, hardware, paint colors, light fixtures, etc. It’s important that we have these items delivered and on hand prior to starting construction so there are not any unexpected delays. We also prepare the necessary documents to apply for and obtain city permits during this time. Overall, this portion takes anywhere from 4-5 weeks.


Total estimated design time: 9 to 12 weeks




Kitchen Remodel by Holiday Season


How Long Does the Construction Process Take?


The construction process can vary depending on the size and complexity of the project, but having the preliminary design phase completed, the actual demolition and installation goes much more quickly! You can expect a build time of as little as 4-6 weeks on average, extending up to 16 weeks for large-scale, multi-space renovations.


Total estimated design + construction time: 13 to 28 weeks






All of this being said, what is the deadline to purchase designs in order to have your remodel completed in time for the 2024 holidays? The absolute latest we suggest is the end of June. Waiting any later might jeopardize your chance of completion before Thanksgiving, which could result in an unfinished space when the guests arrive.


So, if you noticed the pain points of your existing home this past December: a lack of storage or counter space in the kitchen, faulty appliances, a bathroom that isn’t suitable for guests, or even if your entire home could use a facelift before the end of the year – now is the time to get started! Contact us today to get the ball rolling to ensure your home renovations are completed in time. Our designers are ready to help from start to finish!


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