9 Kitchen Features that will Increase Your Home’s Appeal

Remodeled Kitchen

A renovated kitchen is always a huge selling point for home buyers.  “Full Gut” remodels that include big changes, like opening up floor plans or creating direct access to an outdoor area, are a common request of many clients. These types of renovations can really make a home feel larger and more family-friendly.  However, if you can’t afford to invest in a full remodel, simple changes like replacing old appliances or installing new features can still bring new life into your kitchen and provide significant appeal and ROI.

Here are a few amenities to consider that can improve the style of your kitchen and add value to your home, whether you are considering a full remodel or just minor updates:

1. Sinks:  Apron, Farmhouse, Self-rimming, Double-bowl and Integrated Quartz are among the many popular sink styles on the market today. Simply replacing a dated sink can make a huge impact on the look of your kitchen.

Quartz Sink

Self-Rimming Sink

Farmhouse Sink

Adding a second sink or a prep sink is also a great idea for improvement, as it will provide added convenience and functionality.

Prep Sink

2. Cooktop: If you don’t already have a gas line to your kitchen, choosing a gas stove can be significantly more expensive than an electric stove. However, many homebuyers prefer a gas range.

Gas Range Oven

Another great option is an induction cooktop. Since the surface never gets hot to the touch, it’s a smart choice for homes in hotter climates those with young children.

Induction Cooktop

3. Stainless Steel Appliances: While stainless steel appliances have been around a while, they are still very popular due to their aesthetic appeal, ease of maintenance, and durability, making them a good choice to add value to your home.

Stainless Steel Appliances

4. Microwave Drawer: Instead of purchasing a traditional countertop microwave, consider having a microwave drawer installed. These unique microwaves slide open like drawers from underneath your counter, providing a much larger cook space and improved accessibility, as well as a more organized, clutter-free look in the kitchen

Microwave Drawer

5. Appliance Garage: Appliance Garages are also great additions to any kitchen, providing organized storage for bulky appliances, increased counter space, and a clean, uniform appearance.

Appliance Garage

6. Under Cabinet Lighting: These lights may seem like a small investment, but they provide an impressive upgrade to an outdated kitchen and really make a big difference in the look of the room.

Under Cabinet Lighting

 7. Built-in Feeding Station for Pets:  A built-in feeding station keeps things tidy and prevents pet food and water from ending up on the floor. Including drawers above the space is great for organizing treats, medication, leashes and toys.

Pet Feeding Station

8. Wine Storage: Wine racks and fridges make great amenities for kitchens, both for functionality and aesthetic purposes.

Wine Storage


9. Islands: Islands are extremely popular in remodeled kitchens. All sizes can be beneficial in providing storage, seating and counter space, and can also hold ovens, microwave drawers, dishwashers, or additional sinks.

Kitchen Island

These are only a few features that can improve the look, functionality and value of your kitchen. If you are interested in updating your kitchen, one of our professional designers would be happy to meet with you and discuss these and many other options that are available! Contact us for more information!

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