6 Reasons Remodeling After Retirement is a Better Choice Than Moving



When most people think of retirement, the first thing that comes to mind is selling their house and relaxing for the rest of their days on a beach somewhere. The reality, however, is that the majority of retirees never leave their home. Most people opt to age in place and remodel their home to fit their needs. That isn’t surprising when you consider these 6 reasons remodeling is a better choice than moving:


  1. Home is where the heart is. Many people feel attached to their homes and the town they live in. Whether they grew up there or moved there to raise a family, there is something comforting about familiarity. Even if a new house or vacation home sounds good now, the old saying is true – there’s no place like home!



  1. Home is where your friends (and family) are. You go run errands and see familiar faces. You visit with family several times a week. Maybe you belong to a country club, or meet friends regularly for lunch, tennis or golf. Research says that a strong social network is crucial for successful aging. Friends and family not only supply emotional support, but can also offer practical benefits like loaning you an item of need or helping with a project at home. Why should you uproot yourself, move a thousand miles away from your family and then be faced with the sometimes difficult challenge of finding a new group of like-minded friends?




  1. You don’t save money by moving. It costs a lot to move. You give up about 10 percent of the selling price of your house in real estate commissions, legal fees and taxes. Then there’s the cost of buying, moving and resupplying your new house. If you’re moving a long distance there are additional expenses involved in traveling. You might need to rent for a while or store some furniture. It’s not worth it if you only save a couple thousand dollars a year in your cost of living!




  1. People want to retire in the last place they land. Many baby boomers and retirees have moved around for work or personal reasons much of their life and then finally put down roots when they’re in their 40s or 50s. By that time, they are tired of moving and want to stay settled where they are.



  1. It doesn’t have to cost a lot to age-proof your home. Many of the safety issues involved in age-proofing a home involve modest expenses. Improve the lighting in stairways and outdoor areas. Change out doorknobs for lever handles that are easier to manipulate. Install bathroom grab bars and raised toilet seats. None of these changes costs much money and can greatly improve the safety and functionality of your home as you age.



  1. Remodeling breathes new life into a home you already love. Your home is full of sentimental value and good memories. If you love your home and your neighborhood too much to move, remodeling is the perfect solution, allowing you to get the feel of a new home without losing what you already have.




If you are planning on retiring and living in your current home for the rest of your life, we’d be more than happy to assist you with aging-in-place renovations, as well as whole house remodeling services. Our Whole House Remodeling Planner provides you with everything to remodel your entire home, so it will be everything you need and more when you’re ready to retire! Contact us today for more information!


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