11 Popular Features to Include in Your Luxury Bathroom Remodel


For many homeowners, coming home to take a hot shower or soak in the tub after a long day at work is the best way to wind down; it’s no wonder master bathroom remodels are among the most popular requests from our clients! The idea of having a spa-like, serene escape in your own home sounds like a dream. Of course, if you’re going to go through a substantial bathroom remodel, it only makes sense to consider all of the luxury features that can create the most customized, functional finished product. If you are wondering what those features are, you’re in luck! Our knowledgeable team has designed hundreds of dream bathrooms and has put together a list of the most popular features for you to consider:



1. Built-in Drawer Outlets

This feature is ideal if you need to use multiple outlets and don’t want to clutter your countertops. Docking drawers allow you to plug in tools like hair dryers and curling irons inside the drawer without having to remove them. Hello, counter space! These outlets can also include USB ports as an added bonus. The outlet itself has a heat sensor safety feature that will trip the GFCI if a heated tool is accidentally left on inside the drawer.




2. Foot Niche / Foot Bar

Have you ever been frustrated trying to balance while shaving your legs in the shower? The struggle is real, and it can also be dangerous! Foot niches and foot bars are fantastic solutions to this problem. These simple features can be installed in your shower walls at the desired height for a convenient place to anchor your foot while shaving. Trust us, this is one of those things you may not consider, but once you have one, you’ll wonder how you ever went without it!




3. Shampoo Niche

There are few things more appreciated than having enough space for all of your things – this is definitely true for the shower as well! A built-in shampoo niche to hold all of your bottles, soaps, creams, and candles is often an overlooked feature in shower remodeling. Adding a shelf or rack yourself is an option, but more often than not, these types of shelves are very bulky, won’t stay on the wall or hold the weight of the bottles, and tend to rust or mold after some time. If you’re going to remodel your shower, a built-in niche is the way to go to avoid the ongoing battle of shower storage (plus, it looks pretty!)




4. Roll Out & Outlet Under the Sink

If you’ve read any of our project blogs on kitchens, you know that we always suggest drawers below the counter for improved storage space and easy access. The same is true in the bathroom – include drawers where you can! For the open cabinet space that is below the sink, our designers typically recommend a large roll-out with an electrical outlet included. This feature makes it so much easier to access items below the counter while still allowing access to the plumbing if there was ever an issue with the sink. Many of our clients use the outlet here to dock items like electric toothbrushes or razors. Yet another convenient place to store and charge items without having to clutter the counter.




5. Shower Valve on the Pony Wall

Many of our bathroom remodels include walk-in showers that incorporate a pony wall. Our designers love this layout because it provides the perfect place for the shower valve! This might not seem like a luxury feature, but the ability to turn on the water without being directly under the showerhead or getting your arm wet in the process is something everyone will appreciate. This also allows for towel hooks to be placed within reach from the valve, so you can grab your dry towel as soon as you turn off the water.





6. Heated Floors

Heated flooring is one of those add-ons that will really make your at-home bathroom feel like a resort spa! Even in Texas, tile flooring can get cold and unpleasant to walk on, especially in the winter and early spring months. Heated flooring creates a much more comfortable atmosphere in the entire room, similar to how a ceiling heater would – only more effectively!




7. Shower Bench

Including a built-in bench in your shower is a decision you’ll be glad you made in the years to come; this is a no-brainer for homeowners that have found their forever home and intend to age in place there. It’s true that you could purchase a free-standing shower seat in the future, but they can be cumbersome and take up a lot of space. A sleek, built-in bench not only looks better aesthetically, but is a safer and sturdier option.






8. Curbless Entry/Linear Drain

Another feature that is both luxurious and beneficial for aging in place is a curbless shower with a linear drain. There are no barriers or curbs because the flooring angles slightly toward the long drain, providing a streamlined look and improved functionality. Entering and exiting the shower without a barrier to clear is safer. It is yet another feature you may not think is important now, but you’ll be thankful for if you need it later on.




9. Steam Shower

Did you know there are tons of health benefits to sitting in a sauna? Muscle recovery, detoxification, weight loss/improved metabolism, improved skin health/anti-aging, improved sleep, and reduced stress have been proven by incorporating regular steam showers or sauna sits into your weekly routine. Including a steam shower as an add-on to your master bathroom remodel is a sure way to reap these benefits and truly enrich your quality of life. We’ve installed a steam feature in several clients’ showers, and not one has ever regretted it!



10. Body Sprays

If you’re going all-out with luxury features, be sure to add body sprays to your new shower! Along with a rainfall showerhead and a handheld shower, body sprays can be incorporated to provide an invigorating shower experience.



11. Unique Lighting

 Lighting is one of the best ways to change the mood of a room. LED lighting behind mirrors, vanities, or toe kicks is a unique way to create visual interest or set the tone for a relaxing soak in the tub. Depending on what you choose, some LED features can even change colors! Talk about a true wow-factor!





If you’re interested in incorporating any (or all!) of these features into your bathroom remodel, our designers would be happy to chat with you about them. The most important aspect of any home remodel is that the finished product meets your needs as the homeowner by making your day-to-day life easier. Improved functionality, increased storage space, a beautiful aesthetic, and luxurious features are all things that can elevate your master bathroom into the ideal space you have always wanted.


Contact us today to get the ball rolling on your dream bathroom with a professional team of designers to assist every step of the way!


Warm Regards,


The Medford Team






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